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Harp To Lead 930AM In Jacksonville

Jason Barrett



Seth Harp loves challenges and he has found a big one. Harp is the new Program Director and Afternoon Drive Host at Sports Radio 930 in Jacksonville, FL.

“Sports Radio 930 was the big player in Jacksonville until budget issues a few years ago,” says Harp. “It’s the chance to resurrect a historically great brand. Being able to essentially program the station and host the afternoon drive show we can constantly gear the station to what’s best for the listener and bottom line.”

Harp has been a Host/PD for the past seven years. From 2009 to 2010 he was at ESPN Radio in Charleston, SC. Since then, he has been at ESPN in Savannah, GA.

Hosting and programming are both full-time jobs. Harp nimbly juggles them both through organization and detail.

“I try to plan out each day by the hour,” Harp says. “From 9-10AM I work on imaging, 10AM-11AM meetings and promotions. 11AM – Noon sales concepts and executable events. I always have my notepad and I am always writing everything down. It’s meticulous but it is the only way to make sure the engine stays running.”

Harp started his radio career in 1994 in Auburn, IN. He has also made stops in Kalamazoo, MI, Lincoln, NE, Huntsville, AL and Mobile, AL. In Jacksonville, he is working in a PPM market for the first time and programming his show accordingly.

“Jacksonville is a phenomenal city. It deserves intelligent, entertaining and relevant sports talk.”

Credit to STAA Talent who originally published this article

Sports Radio News

Air Force, Learfield Extend Deal With KVOR/XTRA Sports 1300

A new agreement between Air Force, Learfield, and Cumulus extends an already 40 year partnership between the Academy and stations.



Air Force Academy Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and Hockey games will continue to be heard on Cumulus stations KVOR and XTRA Sports 1300 in Colorado Springs for years to come.

A new agreement between Air Force, Learfield, and Cumulus extends an already 40 year partnership between the Academy and stations.

Air Force football and men’s basketball games will continue to be heard on KVOR-AM, while hockey and women’s basketball games will air on XTRA Sports 1300.

“It’s an honor, once again, to extend our partnership with Air Force Athletics and Learfield,” Cumulus Colorado Springs Vice President and Market Manager Scott Jones said. “These broadcasts of Falcons’ sports are extremely important to us at Cumulus, to our listeners and to the entire community. We’re committed to putting a first-class broadcast on the air to match the product the Falcons put on the field, court and ice.”

Jim Arthur will continue as the play-by-play voice of Air Force football and men’s basketball on KVOR, while Ryan Kaufman will announce women’s basketball.

The two stations will also broadcast coaches shows for football, men’s basketball, and hockey.

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Sports Radio News

Freezing Cold Takes: Mike Francesa Believes Every Word He Says, Skip Bayless Doesn’t

“He has a knack for saying things defiantly and within a real brief period the opposite happens,” he said.



Dan Patrick, Freezing Cold Takes

Fred Segal, the creator of the popular Freezing Cold Takes Twitter account, didn’t hold back
when it came to talking about some sports media personalities who are kings of the freezing cold take.

Talking to Dan Patrick on Wednesday, Segal said if there was a Mount Rushmore for hosts who
are often wrong or point out the obvious, FOX Sports host Skip Bayless would be one of the

“There’s things that he posts that are completely obvious that he can’t possibly think those things rationally,” he said.

Segal has a new book coming highlighting some of the best cold takes centered around the NFL.

“And he also has what feels to be a gimmick, his schtick, where he zeroes in on a player and decides, ‘I am going to constantly berate and say negative things about him and spin any positive into a negative.”

Segal thought of LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers as two athletes in particular that Bayless
likes to rip on.

He also said he’d add Mike Francesa to that Mount Rushmore as well, but for different reasons.
Patrick said the difference is that Francesa is just trying to be right and not troll.

“Out of all the people who try to be provocative on-air and are really concerned about being
entertaining, Francesa is completely honest with everything he says,” Segal said. “But he’s so
defiant about what he says.”

He added that Francesa has this ability of being so confident in what he’s saying, only to end up wrong nearly instantly after saying it.

“He has a knack for saying things defiantly and within a real brief period the opposite happens,” he said.

Segal mentioned Francesa saying the New York Jets would never get two first round draft picks
in a trade for Jamal Adams in 2020. Well, the Seattle Seahawks gave two first rounders to the Jets for Adams and a fourth round pick.

Patrick at least credited Francesa for owning his takes.

“He’s genuine in how bad some of his opinions are,” Patrick said.

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Sports Radio News

Pat McAfee Announces Partnership With NFL Films

“You’re going to make our show better and hopefully we make NFL Films a little bit better as well.”



Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee Show is breaking another barrier with his program. Today he revealed that his show will be teaming up with NFL Films to feature league footage on the show. They will also team up for at least one feature element between the two.

On the show, McAfee was discussing the debut of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions with two of the coordinating producers of the show, Keith Cossrow and Ken Rodgers. After talking about the first episode, McAfee made the announcement.

“We will have NFL footage rights for the show every single day,” McAfee began. “We will also be creating, probably an Emmy-winning Mic’d Up type thing on the side with NFL Films. I don’t think this has ever happened before. I think this is one of the first times that something like we run has teamed up with NFL Films and the NFL.”

McAfee then told the two how happy he was to be partners with the group. “You’re going to make our show better and hopefully we make NFL Films a little bit better as well. We are very lucky and pumped to be a part of it, Keith.”

“Seeing you guys work, seeing how committed you are it reminded me of the way we are back here,” said Keith Cossrow. “What you guys have all built together is really special. What you’ve built Pat, is special. We could not be more excited at NFL Films to help build your show into something bigger. We are going to produce a weekly feature every week all season with you about the brilliance of our players in the NFL.”

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