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MLB Delivers Big Prime Time Ratings In Local Markets



Television ratings for baseball games on regional sports networks saw ratings increase in 2015, based on information from Nielsen for the 29 domestic clubs in Major League Baseball.

To add, 25 of the 29 rated #1 on cable while one-third of the league ranked #1 across all networks during the season in prime time, making baseball the key summer content for advertisers.

Leading the way were the Kansas City Royals with a whopping 12.98 ratings average on FOX Sports Kansas City for the season, up 82% from the 7.15 average they posted last season. It is the highest local ratings in baseball over the past 13 seasons. Ratings increase were driven by their World Series appearance last year, and following up with an outstanding 2015 regular season going 95-67. They were followed by the St. Louis Cardinals who saw a 10.86 average rating on FOX Sports Midwest up 32% from last year when they ranked 3rd in all the league. Coming in third were the Pittsburgh Pirates who finished with the 3rd best record in all of baseball. They posted a 9.15 on ROOT Sports, up 8% from the 8.49 in 2014.

The largest increase in ratings came by way of the NL Wild Card winning Chicago Cubs who saw a 3.6 ratings average, up from 1.54 last season on CSN Chicago.

On the downside, the disappointing season by the Detroit Tigers were reflective in the ratings. The club held the top ratings at the local level last season but dropped to 4th in the league posting a 6.42 rating on FOX Sports Detroit down 25% from the 8.58 rating last year.

Putting the most significant drag on substantial ratings increases for the league was the Chicago White Sox. The club from the South Side of Chicago rated last in the ratings in 2014 and did so again this season, just in more dramatic fashion. Ratings on CSN Chicago were down 28%, making them the only club to see ratings below a 1 household rating. That’s saying something considering the Dodgers pulled a 1.03 with carriage only on Time Warner and Charter in the Los Angeles area. The White Sox could only muster the 7th highest ratings on cable in the Chicago area for CSN Chicago, and 17th across all of television.

Other highlights:

    • Despite a lackluster season in the standings, the San Diego Padres saw ratings increase 24% on FOX Sports San Diego.
    • While they continue to be abysmal with their attendance, the Tampa Bay Rays ranked 11th in the ratings.
    • The New York Yankees made the playoffs after missing them for two consecutive seasons. The Bronx Bombers were competitive most of the season, and yet ratings dropped on YES Network from a 3.41 in 2014 to 3.06 in 2015.
    • The Mets stormed the NL East after the trade deadline and ran away with the Division. If fans were less impressed with the Yankees that certainly wasn’t the case for the Mets. Ratings were up a whopping 63% over last season pulling a 2.84 rating on SNY compared to a 1.74 last season.
    • While we didn’t have ratings for last season for the Houston Astros on CSN Houston, getting their TV deal sorted out on ROOT Sports has helped them as the team won the AL Wild Card. While the Astros ranked 23 in the league by U.S. clubs, they posted a 2.42 HH rating. That was ahead of the Atlanta Braves who saw a 37% drop in the ratings.

To see the ratings for each market, visit Forbes where this article was originally published

Sports TV News

Jim Nantz Believes Ryan Fitzpatrick Has Future In TV

“I’ve always said that is a guy that will be, if he wants to be, a great piece of television talent down the road.”



USA Today Sports Images

Every network is usually out there looking to find the former athlete who can have success in a second career as a broadcaster or a TV analyst. For Jim Nantz, he believes there is one quarterback out there that, if he wants a job in the business, would be the perfect guy for it.

During an appearance on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Trainathe name that Nantz mentioned was Ryan Fitzpatrick. He said his favorite thing about Super Wild Card Weekend was seeing Fitzpatrick with fans at the game for Buffalo’s playoff win over New England:

“My favorite thing I saw all weekend was Ryan Fitzpatrick,” Nantz told Traina. “What he did was one of the great validations for us fans that these guys actually care. We always want them to be one of us and we know they are getting paid a lot of money to play these games and play for our team, but do they really care? What does it mean to them?

“His [Fitzpatrick’s] journey has taken him to a lot of stops around the league. There he is, sub-zero wind chill factor, shirtless, man of the people, sitting in the stands cheering full-throated lustily for the Bills. That felt good. The fan side of me loved it. I just thought it said so much about him.”

While Nantz isn’t sure what Fitzpatrick has planned for his future after football, he thinks whatever the Harvard alum with the notable beard wants to do, it will be great.

“I don’t know what his second act is going to be, but I am going to predict it’s going to be huge,” Nantz said.

“There’s something about him. I’ve gotten to know him virtually every stop along the way in his NFL career and maybe he’s not even finished playing, but he wasn’t doing that to try to generate attention. He probably didn’t know the guy who shot that was going to post it. That’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has always had a way with a sense of humor and a way with phrasing things.”

One of the qualities that Nantz likes about Fitzpatrick is how real of a person he is and he would vouch for him if somebody asked:

“I’ve always said that is a guy that will be, if he wants to be, a great piece of television talent down the road,” said Nantz. “That’s there if he wants it. I would definitely make a run at him if somebody ever asked me. Maybe there’s something else he wants to do, but the thing is he is very real and that is a quality that’s worth a lot.” 

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Sports TV News

Former Fox Sports Exec David Hill: ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ Is ‘Unlistenable’

“I think ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ is a disgrace. The broadcast feed is almost unlistenable.”



ESPN Press Room

Former Fox Sports president David Hill is not a fan of ESPN’s current Monday Night Football broadcast crew, which he expressed bluntly in a conversation with the New York Post‘s Andrew Marchand.

In the latest edition of his premium “Sports Clicker” newsletter (subscribe here), Marchand talked to the former Fox executive about his newest endeavor. Hill was contacted by Greg Norman about working on a new golf league. The challenge is to innovate the way golf is covered on television and attract an audience much younger than the average 65-year-old who watches the sport.

The only sport that isn’t struggling with how to present itself on TV and streaming these days is the NFL in Hill’s view. Having overseen Fox Sports when the network got into the NFL business, he has some clear thoughts on the current product. And he’s not a fan of what ESPN is doing with Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick on its showcase NFL broadcast.

“I think ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ is a disgrace,” Hill told Marchand. “The broadcast feed is almost unlistenable. I think that’s why they decided to use the Mannings.”

Though he didn’t go into specifics, Hill is a fan of the “ManningCast.” It’s likely that he believes the alternate broadcast does a better job of attracting viewers more interested in video games and consuming their sports digitally.

Hill also praised CBS analyst Tony Romo, NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth, and Fox announcer Troy Aikman. His thoughts on Aikman probably shouldn’t be a surprise, though the Hall of Fame quarterback joined Fox Sports’ NFL coverage after Hill had moved on to an executive role for 21st Century Fox.

There’s no way of knowing if ESPN executives hold the same opinion toward the current Monday Night Football team. But that will surely be revealed by whether or not the network decides to bring the crew back for a third season.

Marchand reports that Griese’s contract is nearing its end, so a decision will obviously have to be made if the MNF trio is to return. So that could create an opening for Sean Payton, Pete Carroll, and Sean McVay, the three coaches reportedly attracting interest from TV networks.

ESPN previously talked to McVay about the MNF position in 2020. Of course, he has a chance to reach the pinnacle of the coaching profession if the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl. But maybe he’d want to go out on a high note.

Curiously, Riddick has not interviewed for either the Bears, Giants, or Vikings general manager openings after talking to the Lions, Texans, and Jaguars last year. But if that changes and Riddick moves to a team’s front office, ESPN would have to replace two broadcasters in its three-man booth.

Maybe ESPN will consult Hill on its future direction for the MNF booth. OK, probably not. But Hill certainly appears willing to consult.

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Tony Stewart Joins Fox Sports Booth For Busch Clash, Daytona 500

“Tony brings Hall-of-Fame credentials and one of the most informative and entertaining voices in motor sports,”



NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart will hop in the FOX Sports booth as a guest analyst next month for the Busch Light Clash and the season-opening Daytona 500 alongside Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer. 

“To call the very first Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum AND the Daytona 500 is an opportunity you don’t pass up,” Stewart said in a FOX Sports release. “The size and scope of both these races is massive, and it’s an honor to be a part of them with FOX. Anytime you get to talk racing with Clint and Mike, you’re going to have a good time.”

Stewart, the co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing, won three championships as a driver and last competed in the Cup Series in 2016. He also helped form the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) last summer, in which he ran all six races. 

Former NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon had been in the booth since 2016, but was named Vice Chairman of Hendrick Motorsports last summer. So Stewart will take his spot for the time being.

FOX has not yet announced a full-time replacement for Gordon. 

Stewart is not totally green to the booth as he and Bowyer did get some reps together last season when they joined Adam Alexander for the season-opening NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Daytona.

“Tony brings Hall-of-Fame credentials and one of the most informative and entertaining voices in motor sports,” said Brad Zager, FOX Sports President of Production & Operations and Executive Producer.

“There is an obvious chemistry between Smoke and Clint, and there is no one better than Mike at bringing a broadcast all together.”

The Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum will air Sunday, Feb. 6 at 6 p.m. ET on Fox. The 64th annual Daytona 500 is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 20 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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