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Sports Radio 610 Continues To Lead in Houston

Jason Barrett



The Houston sports radio ratings for the October book were published by the Houston Chronicle and not much has changed since we last looked at the performances of the top three sports stations. Sports Radio 610 KILT continues to lead the way, ESPN Houston 97.5 sits in second, and SportsTalk 790 lingers in third.

However, these latest numbers don’t include 790’s recent addition of Josh Innes in afternoons. A partial performance for his show will be available in the November book. The next book will also offer a partial look at how 610’s midday show performs without Dante Hall who exited the station at the end of October.

To capture how each station’s weekday shows are performing, I’ve separated each brand so you can get a better look. 610 has the four highest rated shows in the market during the week. Interesting enough, Charlie Pallilo finished as 790’s highest rated show this month. He had not led the station for quite some time.

Sports Radio 610:

  • The Triple Threat with Rich Lord, Sean Pendergast & Ted Johnson (2-6 pm) = 4.5
  • MaD Radio with Mike Meltser & Seth Payne (6-10 am) = 4.0
  • Gallant At Night/Houston Texans (7p-11p) = 3.3
  • In The Loop with John Lopez, Cody Stoots & Dante Hall (10a-2p) = 3.0

*** Dante Hall is no longer a part of the midday program

ESPN Huston 97.5:

  • The Blitz with Fred Faour & AJ Hoffman (4p-7p) = 2.7
  • Unfiltered with John Granato & Sean Salisbury (11a-1p) = 2.5
  • Granato & Raheel with Del (9a-11a) = 2.4
  • Joel Blank (1p-4p) = 2.0

Sports Talk 790:

  • Charlie Pallilo (2p-6p) = 2.3
  • The Proper Gentlemen of Sports with Lance Zierlein & Matt Thomas (6a-9a) = 1.8
  • The Bottom Line with Adam Clanton & Sean Jones (11a-2p) = 1.8
  • In The Trenches with Greg Koch & N.D. Kalu (9a-11a) = 1.3

*** Charlie Pallilo has been replaced in afternoons by Josh Innes

In the M-Su 6a-Mid category, the three stations finished as follows:

  • Sports Radio 610 = 3.7 (tied for 9th)
  • ESPN Houston 97.5 = 2.2 (21st)
  • SportsTalk 790 = 1.7 (tied for 24th)

Sports Radio News

Peter Rosenberg: Gio’s Rant ‘Gimmick Infringement’ of Don La Greca

The comment from Rosenberg comes after Giannotti was critical of he and La Greca last week. Giannotti claimed the pair were “bootlicking” Michael Kay.





The war of words between WFAN’s Boomer & Gio and 98.7 ESPN New York’s The Michael Kay Show continued Monday, with a quip from Peter Rosenberg about a rant from Gregg Giannotti.

Giannotti, a Vikings fan, was discussing his viewing situation during Monday morning’s show as the franchise played the New York Giants. His wife, two daughters, mother, mother-in-law, and best friend joined him to watch the Super Wild Card game, and the WFAN host detailed that the situation grew more tense with each passing moment due to comments made by those in attendance.

Giannotti eventually admitted to yelling at his friend, and jokingly shouted “Not the time, Louise!” after his mother-in-law commented about how good the Giants had gotten during a Saquon Barkley touchdown run.

The rant didn’t go unnoticed by Rosenberg, however, and he replied to Giannotti’s video clip of the segment by saying “Fake Don Lagrecca (sic) much? This is called gimmick infringement”.

The comment from Rosenberg comes after Giannotti was critical of he and La Greca last week. Giannotti claimed the pair were “bootlicking” Michael Kay after walking back comments he made about getting a producer at the station fired by calling them “performance art”.

While criticising Kay, Giannotti could not identify Rosenberg, only calling him “whatever his face”.

“He’s gonna retire. It doesn’t matter whether you kiss his ass or not, it’s not gonna be the difference in you getting that job when he leaves,” Giannotti said of La Greca and Rosenberg. “Just stop it. Just stop kissing his ass.”

Rosenberg responded to the disapproval from Giannotti last week by tweeting “My favorite part of the trash talk from the guy on the fan is ‘pick on someone your own size Michael Kay… pick on me’…LOL who are you?!!!!”

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Sports Radio News

Jim Rome: Sad Paul Allen Is The Saddest Thing Ever

“Never mind letting yourselves down, never mind letting your employer down, never mind letting your fans down, you let the great P.A. down.”

Jordan Bondurant



Jim Rome

One of Super Wild Card Weekend’s biggest upsets came in the Giants/Vikings game on Sunday afternoon, and Vikings radio voice Paul Allen obviously wasn’t thrilled about the final offensive play.

Jim Rome picked up on that listening to Allen’s call of Kirk Cousins finding T.J. Hockenson short of the line to gain, ending Minnesota’s season.

Rome said he hurt for Allen, who like many followers of the Vikings were shocked to see the second seed in the NFC playoffs bounced the first weekend.

“On the one hand sad P.A. is the saddest thing ever. I hate that so much,” Rome said Monday. “But he turns into pissed P.A. too. I mean that is a brutal way to lose. And what’s sadder than sad P.A.?”

Allen went viral halfway through the 2022-23 season, with his calls of a wild game against the Buffalo Bills on November 13. Allen went through a complete roller coaster of emotions as Buffalo fought to win 33-30 in overtime.

Rome added that he thought disappointing Allen was the worst of all for the NFC North champs.

“Never mind letting yourselves down, never mind letting your employer down, never mind letting your fans down, you let the great P.A. down,” he said.

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Sports Radio News

Angelo Cataldi: Could Al Michaels Just Quit Already?

“How do you go from ‘Do you believe in miracles?’ to “There’s a flag on the field’?”





Angelo Cataldi has never been one to shy away from his feelings about any topic, and has been especially outspoken on his criticism of different broadcasters. Al Michaels was the target of Cataldi’s ire Monday morning for his lackluster performance during the Super Wild Card matchup on NBC Saturday.

“This is not easy for me. The man is an icon. I gotta tell ya, Al Michaels sucked the life out of the game he did,” Cataldi said. “This is the first thing I don’t understand: Al Michaels — even though now he’s on Amazon — still did an NBC game. They made sure he was getting one playoff game, but they didn’t bring the partner from Amazon, Kirk Herbstreit. They brought in someone who doesn’t do color analysis in Tony Dungy. I love Tony Dungy, but not in that role. Tony Dungy is bland and boring in that role. He was bland and boring and it was awful!

“It’s 27-0 and Al Michaels is in a bad mood. And Al Michaels is talking about the overtime rules, and he says ‘We won’t have to worry about that in this game’. He’s dissing the game! A few weeks ago, he went crazy on a bad game and just ripped it apart. He said ‘I’m not here to sell a used car’. He said this on the air! Then you get to the end of the game, it’s a thriller. A great comeback by Doug Pederson! The fourth down chances he takes, the brilliant decisions he makes. And they’re lining up for the field goal, and I want you to hear how he sucked the life out of the moment,” Cataldi said before playing the clip of Michaels’ game-winning call.

“The guy’s an icon!,” Cataldi shouted. “A Hall of Fame broadcaster, and he never even called the play! He never told you who won the game! It was unbelievably brutal! How do you go from ‘Do you believe in miracles?’ to ‘There’s a flag on the field’?”

Cataldi concluded by saying the 78-year-old Michaels needs to retire if that’s the best effort he can muster. The 94WIP host then compared the call from Michaels to that of Jaguars radio announcer Frank Frangie.

Michaels was not the only NFL announcer to feel Cataldi’s wrath Monday morning. He also criticized Tony Romo, as well as Daryl “Moose” Johnston, and Cris Collinsworth.

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