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670 The Score Introduces The 12 Days of Cubsmas

Jason Barrett



If there’s one thing that can put a smile on a Chicago Cubs fan’s face this holiday season, it’s reliving the team’s historic 2016 campaign which ended with the franchise winning their first championship in 108 years. And to put everyone in a great mood this holiday season, 670 The Score is reliving the Cubs magical run with a special “12 Days of Cubsmas”.

The radio station will air the 12 best Cubs games of the season starting December 14th and continuing through Christmas day. PD Mitch Rosen says the credit for the idea goes to producer Chris Tannehill, who along with Brendan McCaffrey, Mark Grote, and Russ Mitera narrated the intro’s and produced each broadcast.

Below is the station’s full broadcast schedule for the 12 Days of Cubsmas:

  • Day 1 – Wednesday 12/14 – Jake Arrieta’s No-Hitter Game

The Cubs pound Cincinnati 16-0 as Jake Arrieta pitches his second no-hitter in less than a calendar year (originally aired 4/21/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following DePaul vs. UIC (Approximately 9:30PM)

  • Day 2 – Thursday 12/15 – Javier Baez’s Walk Off HR

In a thirteen inning thriller, the Cubs won their 7th in a row on a Javier Baez Walk off home run on Mother’s Day to sweep the Nationals (originally aired 5/8/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following LA @ SEA (Approximately 10:30PM)

  • Day 3 – Friday 12/16 – Jon Lester’s Walk off Bunt

In front of a national television audience, the Cubs rally back from a 6-0 deficit to defeat Seattle 7-6 in 12 innings on a Jon Lester walk off bunt (originally aired 7/31/2016).


  • Day 4 – Saturday 12/17 – Cubs Clinch The NL Central

The Cubs clinched the 2016 NL Central in very anti-climactic fashion. Following a late night Cardinals loss, the Cubs showed up to Wrigley Field having already won the division. The Cubs rallied to tie the game in the 9th inning, and would later give Cubs fans the chance to celebrate with a 10th inning walk off homer from Miguel Montero (originally aired 9/16/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following DePaul vs. Chicago State (Approximately 3:30PM)

  • Day 5 – Sunday 12/18 – NLDS Game 4

The Cubs overcome a 5-2 9th inning deficit to beat the San Francisco Giants and advance to the NLCS (originally aired 10/11/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following PIT @ CIN (Approximately 10:30PM)

  • Day 6 – Monday 12/19 – NLCS Game 1

In what would become a theme, Miguel Montero comes through in the clutch with a pinch hit Grand Slam to give the Cubs a 1-0 series lead in the 2016 NLCS (originally aired 10/15/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following Monday Night Football (Approximately 10:30PM)

  • Day 7 – Tuesday 12/20 – NLCS Game 4

After the Dodgers took a 2-1 lead in the NLCS, Cubs fans began to panic as Chicago’s bats fell silent. Game 4 saw them break out of their slump in a big way en route to a 10-2 victory (originally aired 10/19/2016).


  • Day 8 – Wednesday 12/21 – NLCS Clincher

Kyle Hendricks dazzled and the bats came alive against Clayton Kershaw as the Cubs advanced to the World Series for the first time since 1945 (originally aired 10/22/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following Illini vs. Missouri (Approximately 8:30PM)

  • Day 9 – Thursday 12/22 – World Series Game 2

In just his second game back from injury, Kyle Schwarber collected 2 RBI as Jake Arrieta baffled the Indians to tie the World Series at one game apiece (originally aired 10/26/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following NYG @ PHI (Approximately 10:30PM)

  • Day 10 – Friday 12/23 – World Series Game 5

Down 3-1 in the World Series, the Cubs turned to the recipe that got them to this point; Pitching and timely hitting. Jon Lester tossed 6 solid innings, and Aroldis Chapman came in to lock down the game with a 2 ⅓ inning save to force a game 6 (originally aired 10/30/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following DePaul Basketball

  • Day 11 – Saturday 12/24 – World Series Game 6

In another win or go home scenario, the Cubs bats broke through. Addison Russell provided a memorable grand slam that would force one of the most memorable sports moments in our lifetimes, Game 7 of the World Series (originally aired 11/1/2016).

AIR TIME: Immediately following CIN @ HOU (Approximately 10:30PM)

  • Day 12 – Sunday 12/25 – World Series Game 7

After giving up the lead, and sitting through a rain delay, the Cubs rallied in the 10th inning to win the World Series for the first time since 1908 (originally aired 11/2/2016).


Sports Radio News

Matt Moscona Named PD of 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge

“Watching 104.5 ESPN grow from its inception to one of the most respected brands in sports talk in the country has been extraordinary.”





104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge host Matt Moscona has been named Program Director of the Guaranty Media station.

Moscona hosts After Further Review, which is simulcast on 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge as well as as 100.3 ESPN New Orleans. He also hosts the Rosters to Riches podcast, which discusses the largest stories in the Name, Image, and Likeness space.

“Watching 104.5 ESPN grow from its inception to one of the most respected brands in sports talk in the country has been extraordinary,” Moscona said. “I’m honored to have been chosen to help continue our growth in this new role.”

Moscona joined Guaranty Media in 2010 after a stint at iHeartMedia in Baton Rouge.

“Matt Moscona is the perfect person to help grow ESPN Baton Rouge as we continue to increase the amount of content we produce and the number of platforms we are distributing that content to daily,” Guaranty Media GM Gordy Rush said.

“Matt’s dedication to the growth of the brand from day one and how that impacts the listeners and the businesses we serve makes him the perfect person to bring 1045 ESPN to the next level,” added Guaranty Media COO TJ Solis.

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Sports Radio News

Maggie Gray: Kids Don’t Belong at Postgame Press Conferences

“I’m not saying kids shouldn’t be part of this, but to be up there in the press conference after a game? No.”





A video of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni’s daughter went viral after she mimicked him during the NFC Championship Game postgame press conference. And while she believes it’s cute, CBS Sports Radio host Maggie Gray believes kids don’t need to be there.

During Maggie and Perloff Monday, Gray contended that the press conference is when people are working, and simply isn’t a place children need to be.

“All professional athletes: your kids are cute. They’re all cute,” Gray said. “We both have kids, they’re cute. Kids are naturally cute. We can see your kids down on the field with confetti, I’m not saying kids shouldn’t be part of this, but to be up there in the press conference after a game? No. These are reporters trying to do their job, number one. And two, we have plenty of time to see your kids. They shouldn’t be up there.”

Gray was joined by Eliot Shorr-Parks, the Philadelphia Eagles reporter for 94WIP. He slightly disagreed while co-host Andrew Perloff remained mostly quiet on the subject.

Some critics have argued athletes and coaches have utilized their children as a quasi-shield from tough, difficult, or uncomfortable questions. While Gray doesn’t posit that here, she does make the case that the press conference is an area where reporters are trying to work, and the distraction of children isn’t conducive to that environment.

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Sports Radio News

Gregg Giannotti: Kay Adams Grabbed My Man Boob

“I’m not upset at her. I’m more upset with me for possessing these man boobs.”




Gregg Giannotti

Many of sports media’s biggest personalities are assembled in Arizona for Radio Row at the Super Bowl. WFAN morning host Gregg Giannotti was introduced to FanDuel TV’s Kay Adams yesterday, and he will remember the interaction for years to come.

During Boomer & Gio Tuesday morning, Giannotti explained the interaction came to be after he was going to 93.7 The Fan’s area to record an interview with Andrew Fillipponi when the pair bumped into Adams, who Fillipponi works with on the sports betting cable channel.

“The first thing she does is the classic ‘Where’s Boomer? Why isn’t he here? He doesn’t want to see me? Where did he go?’ So I go ‘You smell that rubber, Kay? That’s Boomer’,” explained Giannotti. “So then, I look over and she’s got a display of a tequila competitor that’s in front of her set, that’s not Casamigos. So then she sees me wearing the Casamigos sweatshirt that you have on, so playfully — she’s not angered by this, but playfully — she says ‘Oh no, no, no. You can’t wear that around here.’

“She puts her hand right here on my left man boob, and covers up the logo, and gives me two squeezes on the left man boob. Now, I am — at this point — completely floored. Because never once in my life — man, female — has anyone grabbed my man boob and gave it a honk-honk. And that’s what happened.”

“Was it titillating?” Boomer Esiason laughingly asked. Giannotti responded with a resounding no.

“It felt weird. It wasn’t titillating. It’s emasculating. It wasn’t like she was rubbing the back of my head saying ‘Oh, I love Boomer & Gio‘, she’s grabbing the most self-conscious part of my body and honking it.”

“She honked your boob,” Esiason said. “Did you honk her boob back?”

“Of course not!” shouted Giannotti. “I wouldn’t be sitting here right now!”

When asked by Esiason if he had PTSD or was upset about the situation, Giannotti said he was more upset with himself.

“I’m not upset at her. I’m more upset with me for possessing these man boobs and allowing something like this to happen. It’s more of a self-deprecation thing with me. Whatever she said after that, I don’t remember. It’s just black,” Giannotti joked.

“The whole time I’m just thinking ‘honk-honk, Kay Adams, the thing in the NFL right now, honk-honk, Kay Adams, oh look there’s Kay Adams, what’s Kay Adams wearing, Oh my god Kay Adams is here’ and the first time I meet her she’s going ‘honk-honk’ on my man boob.”

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