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WEEI Sets Record Straight On Red Sox Broadcasts

“Once WEEI corrected the misnomer about plans for their Red Sox broadcast, STAA sent its clients an email stating they’ve updated the job listing and apologized to WEEI.”



After play-by-play announcer Tim Neverett announced he was leaving the Red Sox Radio booth, rumors of WEEI planning to turn the broadcast into a sports talk show quickly developed.  Who will be calling Red Sox games on the radio in 2019 is still to be determined, but on Thursday WEEI quickly corrected any thought of transitioning away from a conventional broadcast.

During Chad Finn’s Boston Globe report of Neverett leaving the Red Sox broadcast on Tuesday, he wrote WEEI considered making their radio call sound more like a sports talk show.  One day later, the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America sent a job posting to its clients confirming Finn’s report, even though WEEI PD Joe Zarbano said STAA never checked with him.

STAA’s initial email read:

“The Boston Globe has reported about plans for major changes to the broadcast format. STAA knows these plans to be true. WEEI wants to drop the concept of a conventional radio baseball broadcast to make the call of the game sound more like a talk show.

WEEI PD Joe Zarbano is eager to receive applications. However, he tells STAA he doesn’t want to be bombarded with email attachments.”

After Finn Tweeted about STAA’s job post calling for a talk show style broadcast for the Red Sox, WEEI quickly ended the sentiment.  Station PD, Joe  Zarbano responded to Finn on Twitter, saying “This is not true. If you checked with me I could’ve told you that. The only thing I sent to StaaTalent was a reply confirming that the job was open and people can apply.”  WEEI contributor Alex Reimer soon wrote an article on the station’s website, titled “WEEI is not changing the format of Red Sox broadcasts.”

Once WEEI corrected the misnomer about plans for their Red Sox broadcast, STAA sent its clients an email stating they’ve updated the job listing and apologized to WEEI.  The corrected job post, seen below, makes no mention of a sports talk format within the broadcast. 

“Boston’s legacy sports radio brand and the winner of the 2018 Sports Station of the Year Marconi award, is seeking an experienced and talented individual to be the next play-by-play announcer on the WEEI Boston Red Sox Radio Network.

The candidate selected for this dream job opportunity will sit alongside Red Sox Hall of Famer Joe Castiglione in the broadcast booth.

The ideal candidate will have vast experience doing play-by-play for a professional team, an inherent understanding of the passionate Boston sports fan base, and an innate ability to be able to describe what’s happening on the field in an entertaining and compelling fashion.”

While WEEI’s direction for the Red Sox broadcast is now clear, Reimer still explained change can be brought to the booth without breaking away from a conventional broadcast.

“The discussion around this topic has been centered around extremes.  “Albert in Rhode Island” is never going to call in after the 2-1 pitch and yell at Joe Castiglione about Deflategate. Nobody is suggesting that.

“But there is room for more opinion. Maybe some discussion around whether Alex Cora should’ve pinch-hit in a specific spot, or if the team is approaching the trade deadline properly.” 

A habitually slow game with breaks between the action, baseball offers the opportunity to have conversation and opinion from its voices on the broadcast, but being conversational doesn’t mean the format has to change.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

Sports Radio News

Craig Carton: Yankees Are Going To Give Marc Malusis A Heart Attack

“To turn what the Mets did into a referendum on the Yankees’ incompetence is a joke. It’s an absolute joke.”



Over on WFAN in New York, there seemed to be some friendly ribbing going on Tuesday from afternoon hosts Criag Carton and Evan Roberts. Marc Malusis was very upset by the New York Mets’ free agency acquisitions and the inaction to this point by the New York Yankees front office.

Malusis said in part that it was frustrating to see teams like the Texas Rangers and the Mets go out and sign sought-after free agents like Marcus Semien and Max Scherzer, while the Yankees front office essentially sits on its hands.

“You have the Yankees here basically collecting their coins, looking under the seat cushions to see exactly who they can find and who they can sign,” Malusis said.

He added that it was a disservice to Yankees fans to justify not signing anyone of note at this point by appealing to lesser player acquisitions and trying to convince fans to wait for prospects to develop.

“As a Yankee fan, you have every right to be frustrated,” he said. “And if you don’t go out and add one of these shortstops this offseason, it further shows the breaking point between the ownership and the leadership of the Yankees, and the fan base and how the Yankees operate right now as an organization. And I think you can easily make the argument that would be a failure.”

Meanwhile, Carton and Roberts opened their show saying it was ridiculous for Malusis and Yankee fans to be overreacting at this point.

“Malusis damn near had a heart attack at 10 o’clock this morning,” Carton joked. “I was worried about him. I called him to make sure he didn’t pass out.”

Ultimately Roberts explained that the Mets were further away from being a team capable of making a postseason appearance and run than the Yankees, who have routinely been among the league’s biggest buyers of marquee talent during free agency. Carton agreed and said Yankee fans need to just pump the brakes and calm down.

“To turn what the Mets did into a referendum on the Yankees’ incompetence is a joke. It’s an absolute joke…The New York Yankees have never sat still…Like shut up. It’s embarrassing.”

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Sports Radio News

Bill Michaels Steps Up To Help Waukesha Victims & Families

“When people ask why do this? I say, because we need to.”



Wisconsin sports radio host Bill Michaels is stepping up to help Waukesha, Wisconsin. The small Wisconsin town has earned a flood of media attention recently after Darrell Brooks Jr. drove his SUV thru the town’s Christmas parade, killing six people, including an 8-year old boy, Jackson Sparks. Brooks has been charged with six counts of first-degree intentional homicide. He is being held in a Wisconsin jail on five million dollars bail and faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted.

With so many impacted by the tragedy, Michaels decided to use his radio platform to help raise funds for the victims and their families.

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin sports voice called on his audience and local people to join him in making donations to help those affected. Michaels broadcasted from Nice Ash Cigar Bar, and encouraged people to donate to the Waukesha Foundation Fund. He shared on the air that he was headed to the Christmas parade on November 21st, when he learned that something had gone awry at the event.

“We’re out here today raising funds for the victims, their families, and those in need down here,” shared Michaels on his radio program ‘The Bill Michaels Show’. “This is one of those situations where people say ‘thoughts and prayers’ which is great, but you need to do something. When people ask why do this? I say, because we need to,” Michaels added.

As of Monday afternoon, seven children were still hospitalized at Children’s Wisconsin.

To help raise awareness for Jackson Sparks, the eight year old boy who was killed in the senseless tragedy, Wisconsin native and Texas resident Todd Ahrens took to social media asking people to wear baseball jerseys on Friday in honor of the boy’s love for the sport. The social post created by Ahrens has gone viral, being shared and liked by thousands all across the country.

Those interested in making a contribution to the Waukesha Foundation Fund to help the families and victims affected, can do so by clicking here.

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Sports Radio News

David Feherty Launches Weekly SiriusXM Show

“David’s unique blend of wit and golf wisdom, and his experience from a lifetime in the game, really make him one of a kind.”



Via NBC Sports Pressbox

SiriusXM announced today that David Feherty, who has been entertaining golf audiences with his witty perspective on the game for more than two decades, is joining SiriusXM to launch a new weekly show.

Feherty will team up with fellow former pro and SiriusXM host John Maginnes for Feherty and Maginnes. The show will be on Monday evenings on the SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio channel.

They will preview the new show this Wednesday at 5pm. The show officially starts in its new time slot on January 3rd, as the PGA TOUR season picks up steam with the Hawaii tournaments.

“I can’t wait to work with John Maginnes,” said Feherty.  “He is one of my favorite people and SiriusXM will be a really fun platform for us. The over/under on both of us getting canceled is about six weeks!”

The format will include long form interviews with personalities from the world of golf with storytelling to the listeners coming from the golf expertise of Feherty and Maginnes, who both had playing careers on the PGA Tour.

“David’s unique blend of wit and golf wisdom, and his experience from a lifetime in the game, really make him one of a kind,” said Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content Officer. “SiriusXM is the perfect platform for his many great stories and the insightful and revealing conversations he’ll have with his guests.  We are thrilled to pair him up with John and bring together two terrific personalities who will deliver an entertaining, must-listen show for our listeners.”

Feherty spent time following his playing career at CBS and NBC as well as his own show on the Golf Channel.

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