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Smerconish Blames “Pro-Wrestling” Approach to News for D.C Divisions

Smerconish said the rise of hosts like Rush Limbaugh and others of his same ilk changed the business model, shifting focus away from local hosts to nationally syndicated ones.

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Photo by IVN News CC BY 2.0

Media personality Michael Smerconish took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to share his thoughts about what and who was driving the deep partisanship in Washington D.C.:  The professional wrestling approach to news, fathered by Rush Limbaugh and followed by many others.

Smerconish teased his revelation on Twitter with a link to his website that contained an extended nine minute clip from Smerconish’s recent documentary, The Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Talking. In a post to his website, which has since been deleted, Smerconish urges readers to purchase the entire full length documentary, but “this nine minute clip is the most important to show how the media is driving the partisanship in Washington”. The clip can still be found on Facebook.

“When I first started out in radio 30 years ago, (hosts’) personality mattered, not ideology,” Smerconish said in the clip. “They weren’t on air because of a political perspective but because they could tell stories.”

Smerconish said the rise of hosts like Limbaugh and others of his same ilk changed the business model, shifting focus away from local hosts to nationally syndicated ones.

“When I was getting started, AM radio was in trouble, FM was taking over,” Smerconish said. “AM radio needed a savior and they found it in Rush Limbaugh… Conservatives rightfully felt shutout of the mainstream media and he is a gifted showman who filled that void and created this clubhouse for conservatives.”

While Smerconish believes that Limbaugh provided a needed voice for conservatives, he and similar radio and TV hosts that followed changed the political climate in Washington.

“When Fox News came along in 1996 and later MSNBC, they took a page from that playbook,” he said. “Now the business model was toned down to entertainment masked as news. It’s like professional wrestling, good for ratings, good for revenue bad for the country. You have good guy vs bad guys, constant conflict and a predetermined outcome.”

Smerconish concludes that the pro wrestling approach to news is the major driving force between the political divisions within the United States.

“The media has moved to extremes,” he said. “The rise of polarization in Washington directly correlates with the changes in broadcasting I am describing. Pre-Limbaugh, 60 percent of the House and Senate were comprised of moderates. By 2010, every Senate Republican was more conservative than every Senate Democrat and every Senate Democrat was more liberal than every Senate Republican. In the 1970’s, members of Congress would vote with his or her party about 60 percent of the time. Now the typical member of Congress votes with their party more than 90 percent of the time.”

The clip ends with Smerconish claiming that while there were many factors that caused this change, media was the driving force behind it.

“Look, I’m not trying to blame this all on the media,” he said. “Social media is an issue. The beer muscles that come from anonymity online has fueled incivility and polarization, but mostly this is what happens when Washington takes its ques from those with microphones and not the vast majority of the people. When politicians follow the modern era pro-wrestling approach to news, the nation suffers. For that to change, people need to change the channel.”

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Vice World News Launching Show on Twitch

Vice World News announced that it is launching a news channel and a news show on Twitch’s streaming platform starting on Aug. 23.

Eduardo Razo



Vice World News is heading to the digital streaming world. The company announced that it is launching a news channel and a news show on Twitch’s streaming platform.

The news show debuts on Aug. 23 via Twitch and airs live on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET. 

Dexter Thomas and Samir Ferdowsi will co-host the program with Lianne Turner, VP of global video for Vice News, serving as the executive producer.

“Our audience is young, plugged-in, and doesn’t always access news in a traditional way, so it’s a natural fit for us to take our global reporting to Twitch,” Vice World News’ senior vice president of global news and global editor-in-chief Katie Drummond said. 

“We’ve had success on Twitch with other VICE brands, including Motherboard and Waypoint, and have seen the appetite for our content when it’s carried on other Twitch channels. This is yet another way that VICE is meeting our audience wherever they are.”

The Twitch show also includes a behind-the-scenes segment where hosts go into the Vice archives and talk to producers and correspondents regarding some of Vice’s most classic works.

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InfoWars’ Alex Jones Dumps Donald Trump for Ron DeSantis

Rather than stick with Trump for a possible third election. Jones is hitching his wagon to DeSantis.

Eduardo Razo



InfoWars’ Alex Jones is switching his allegiance ahead of the 2024 President Election. Jones has been a staunched supporter of former President Donald Trump, even having him on his show; however, that’s changing. 

Rather than stick with Trump for a possible third election. Jones is hitching his wagon to current Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as many candidates will be throwing their hats for 2024. 

“I thought that we had to keep him in office because of the nightmare scenario if Hillary or Biden got in,” Jones said, per Mediaite. “With that said, I am supporting DeSantis.”

“DeSantis has just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good. And I don’t just watch a man’s actions, as Christ said. Judge a tree by its fruits. I can also look in his eyes on HD video, and I see the real sincerity.”

Furthermore, Jones stated that DeSantis is what Trump should be, which is why the change is occurring. 

“This is what Trump should be like,” Jones added. “And I’ve been hammering this point, and he’s doing it now. And we have someone that is better than Trump. Way better than Trump.”

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FOX Nation Will Release First Original Movie

According to a news release, “The Shell Collector” is based on a book from bestselling author Nancy Naigle.

Ryan Hedrick



FOX Nation will release its first original movie next month. According to a news release, “The Shell Collector” is based on a book by bestselling author Nancy Naigle.

The movie depicts a widow, Amanda Whittier, with two children who befriend some interesting characters in her small seaside town as she looks to forge ahead with her new life following the death of her husband.

“Since launching less than four years ago, FOX Nation has established itself as a go-to destination for lifestyle and entertainment programming,” said John Finley, FOX Nation Executive Vice President of Development.

The network said, throughout the journey, three friends find encouragement in the most mysterious places, discovering a love more significant than their pain, healing their wounded hearts in ways none of them could have hoped for or expected.  

Naigle is a USA Today bestselling author who began her debut contemporary romance series, “Adams Grove,” while juggling a career in finance and life on a 76-acre goat farm.

“I’m thrilled to share our expansion into film production,” added Finley.

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