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Outkick 360 Makes Its Debut

“The show also launched on its first terrestrial radio partner, FOX Sports Knoxville, and are maintaining expectations of landing many more affiliates.”



After parting ways with 104.5 The Zone in January, the popular Nashville sports radio show formerly known as Midday 180 officially relaunched as Outkick 360 on Monday.  For hosts Jonathan Hutton, Chad Withrow, and Paul Kuharsky, it was their first show as part of Clay Travis’s Outkick. 

Outkick 360 will be live every day at 11am CT, available on a variety of platforms including, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The show also launched on its first terrestrial radio partner, FOX Sports Knoxville, and are maintaining expectations of landing many more affiliates.

Back after their two-month non-compete, the trio expressed how important it was for them to stay together in their search for a new platform. Approaching a decade together, Hutton, Withrow and Kuharsky touted the flexibility they’ll have to try new ideas as part of a nimble organization like Outkick. 

Ultimately, the show will be four-hours daily, where they’ll discuss the hot topics of the day, but continue a local focus. A minimum of one-hour each show will be allotted to the Tennessee sports conversation, but using their creative and conversational style, Outkick 360 hopes those local conversations can still reach a broader audience.

Sports Radio News

Craig Carton Details ‘MMA Uncensored Live’ Demise to Dana White

“About, maybe, 10 shows into it, Kevin Kay — the former President of Spike — comes to me and says ‘Listen, from now on, you can’t talk about the UFC’.”



Craig Carton

UFC President Dana White appeared on WFAN’s Carton & Roberts Wednesday, which allowed Craig Carton the opportunity to tell White how he was partially responsible for the demise of Carton’s short-lived television show MMA Uncensored Live.

“I was not the biggest MMA guy, but I knew Dana and I knew the guys at Spike real well,” Carton said. “Spike decided to get in bed with Bellator, which was just a stupid decision because the UFC’s everything, right? So, Dana, you don’t know this story, I don’t think. About, maybe, 10 shows into it, Kevin Kay — the former President of Spike — comes to me and says ‘Listen, from now on, you can’t talk about the UFC’. And I go ‘Wait a minute. The name of the show is MMA Uncensored Live’. It was on Thursday nights. All we’re doing is talking UFC. And he says to me ‘I’m not putting any more money in Dana White’s pockets. F*** Dana White’. And I go ‘Then I quit. I can’t do the show’. Because it’s about the UFC.

“So he goes ‘Alright. I’m gonna compromise with you’. And the compromise was you can talk about a fight from last weekend but you can’t promote the fights that are happening in 48 hours. Which made no sense to me. And then when the poop hit the fan, I went on MMA Uncensored Live and I said, on the air, Joe Rogan is the best sports analyst of any sport on any network. And two weeks later, the show disappeared. So thanks, Dana. Appreciate that.”

White, who made headlines for calling an ESPN reporter a “scumbag”, then went on to detail how a Viacom executive — the parent company of Spike — who calls himself “Philippe Doo-mond” was one of the most “arrogant, pompous, goofy” people on the planet. White said “His real name is Phil Dauman. He’s from Jersey,” before detailing how Dauman thought Viacom had built the UFC into what it was at the time. Those ineptitudes, in White’s eyes, made the show’s cancellation unsurprising.

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Sports Radio News

Dustin Fox: Adam The Bull ‘Challenged Me Every Day To Get Better’

“To do good radio, you can’t just be sitting there and not taking a stance. He taught me to be tough.”



After the April exit of Adam The Bull for Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan, he and Dustin Fox shared an emotional on-air goodbye. The pair had worked together for 11 years, and Fox said he learned plenty from his now departed co-host.

“I learned a lot from him,” Fox told Crain’s Cleveland Business. “To do good radio, you can’t just be sitting there and not taking a stance. He taught me to be tough. Early on, he ran roughshod over me because he’s born to do this. He challenged me every day to get better.”

Fox added when you were taking constructive criticism from your co-host for so long, eventually you’re going to elevate to their level.

“Not in a negative way, but it’s like playing your older brother in basketball. You want to get better and that’s what happened with us. He brought out the best in me, and that made the show really good.”

Adam “The Bull” Gerstenhaber left 92.3 The Fan on April 1st. He now is the host of The Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show on YouTube, which streams daily between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Dustin Fox also had high praise for his current co-host, Nick Wilson, who joined the program on July 18th.

“He’s ready for this and he’s perfect for what I was looking for. When we auditioned people and I gave input on who we interviewed, I wanted someone similar to Adam. I wanted somebody with a strong voice, someone where you’re going to have fun together and have a good rapport. A lot of good candidates auditioned and we could have done the show with anybody who reached the final stages of the audition, but I’m happy Nick’s back.”

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Brady Quinn Calls Paul Finebaum A “SEC Thumper”

“Give him a break. He’s an SEC thumper,” Quinn said.

Jordan Bondurant



Brady Quinn, Paul Finebaum

College football season kicks off in the next couple of weeks, and earlier this week the Associated Press released its preseason national top 25 rankings.

Alabama claimed the top spot, with Ohio State, defending national champion Georgia, Clemson and Notre Dame rounding out the top five.

But Paul Finebaum apparently took issue with Notre Dame being ranked where they were, and said partly why the Fighting Irish shouldn’t be in the top five is because of their Week 1 matchup.

“They should not even be in the top ten. It’s an absolute joke, and it happens every year with the AP poll, which is about as worthless as NFL preseason football,” Finebaum said in a recent appearance on ESPN. “It’s ridiculous. Notre Dame is going to get run in the first game of the season. I mean they’re going to get destroyed at The Big House…They’ll be fortunate to go 9-3. It’s laughable they’re in the top five or six.”

On FOX Sports Radio, former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn felt the need to set Finebaum straight. He did firstly by correcting the SEC Network host, who said Notre Dame would be playing Michigan to open the season. Notre Dame is playing at Ohio State in Week 1.

“Give him a break. He’s an SEC thumper,” Quinn said on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe on Wednesday. “So I’m surprised he even knows where Ohio State is to be honest with you, or Notre Dame. Apparently he doesn’t.”

Hey Paul, how many teams are going to walk in to Ohio State and Columbus this year and beat them?” Quinn asked. “Probably no one.”

Quinn finished by taking a little jab at the fact that the Notre Dame/Ohio State game would be in primetime for ESPN, which runs the SEC Network.

“He’s bashing his employer’s matchup between these two and trying to downplay it,” he said. “So well done, Paul, lot of logic there.”

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