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KNBR Cruises to Ratings Win in 2021 San Francisco Spring Book

“For KNBR, every daytime show finished the quarter in the Top 5. The Giants are also playing great and pumping in audience.”



Photo Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The Bay Area’s sports radio scene remained healthy in the 2021 spring book, led by the sports leader, KNBR. Among Men 25-54, the San Francisco sports station secured Top 3 finishes in weekday prime (M-F 6a-7p) and for the full week (M-SU 6a-Mid), producing a respectable 4.5 and 4.3 share.

KNBR got its best quarterly performance from its morning show ‘Murph & Mac’. The team of Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey finished 1st overall from 6a-10a with a 5.5 share. Their performance was up eight tenths of a point and five ranking positions from the winter book.

Middays also experienced growth as the team of John Lund and Greg Papa wrapped up a 5th place showing thanks to a 4.2 share. Papa and Lund went up two ranking spots from the winter book, adding three tenths of a point in the process.

Afternoons enjoyed similar success. Tom Tolbert, Larry Krueger and Rod Brooks also popped a 4.2 share. That placed them 4th from 2p-6p. They were up six tenths of a point and five ranking positions from the winter book.

Thanks to a strong San Francisco Giants baseball team and Mark Willard, KNBR once again enjoyed great success during the evening hours of 7p-12a. The station was 2nd overall with a 5.0 share, up from a 2.0 share and 13th place in the winter book.

Meanwhile, for local competitor 95.7 The Game, the winter and spring books produced similar stories. The station was 11th in weekday prime (M-F 6a-7p) with a 3.2 share, up two tenths of a point and two ranking positions from the winter. The Game was also 14th for the full week (M-SU 6a-Mid) with a 2.6 share. That was the same ranking position from the winter book, but they did pick up one tenth of a point.

In AM drive, ‘The Morning Roast’ with Bonta Hill, Kate Scott and Joe Shasky delivered a 2.4 share. That was the same number the show produced in the winter book. The positive, the program gained three ranking positions from book to book.

Middays with Matt Steinmetz, Daryle ‘The Guru’ Johnson and Dan Dibley gained one tenth of a point from winter to spring, improving from a 3.1 to a 3.2. The show held steady in 11th place.

Afternoons were where The Game made its best progress. Damon Bruce, Ray Ratto and Matt Kolsky claimed a 6th place finish with a 3.8 share. That was up five tenths of a point and three ranking positions from the winter book. They were also just four tenths of a point behind Tolbert’s show, and that’s without having the benefit of a few Giants day games.

At night is where The Game took a step backwards. The station was ranked 19th with a 1.7 share, down three tenths of a point and six ranking positions from the winter book. A strong Warriors playoff run next year at this time could change things quickly.

Similar to recent stories told in New York and Philadelphia, San Francisco has one program director signing off, and another coming in. For Jeremiah Crowe, this is a great way to say goodbye. Every daytime show finished the quarter in the Top 5. The Giants are playing great and pumping in audience. That puts incoming PD Kevin Graham in great shape as he gets acclimated to a new market.

For The Game, the afternoon show has some great momentum. With football season around the corner, that should lead to a few more ears tuning in. If the station can get mornings and middays to pop the way PM drive is right now, we could have a tight sports radio race once again in the Bay Area.

Sports Radio News

49ers-Cowboys Wild Card Game Draws Over 41 Million Viewers For CBS, Nickelodeon

The main CBS broadcast and alternate telecast on Nickelodeon combined to average 41.496 million viewers.



Sunday’s NFL Wild Card playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys was bound to attract a large audience.

The game featured a classic matchup between two of the league’s most accomplished teams. The Cowboys are always a big television draw. Add the 4:30 p.m. ET kickoff that appears to be most fans’ ideal viewing time and everything was in place for big ratings.

Sure enough, CBS was rewarded with huge numbers for Sunday’s telecast. According to the network, the 49ers-Cowboys game earned the highest viewership for an NFL Wild Card playoff game since 2015. (Dallas played the Detroit Lions in that context, televised on Fox.)

The main CBS broadcast and alternate telecast on Nickelodeon combined to average 41.496 million viewers. What became a close, thrilling game resulting in a 23-17 49ers victory attracted 50.229 million viewers at its conclusion.

That viewership is a 35 percent increase from the audience for the networks’ Wild Card game (a less appealing matchup between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints). And for CBS, it was the network’s most-watched Wild Card playoff game in 10 years. (Pittsburgh-Denver averaged 42.371 viewers in 2012.)

The 49ers-Cowboys broadcast also drew big numbers for ViacomCBS’s Paramount+ streaming service, notching the largest audience for a non-Super Bowl game.

NBC also drew an impressive for its Sunday night Wild Card playoff broadcast. The Steelers-Chiefs primetime matchup averaged 30.5 million viewers across the regular NBC telecast, in addition to the Telemundo, Peacock, NBC Sports Digital, and NFL Digital platforms. NBC’s audience of 28.9 million viewers was the highest primetime TV audience since last year’s Super Bowl LV.

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Adam Schefter Still Yet To Finish ESPN Orientation

“All of a sudden, I get a text saying we need you on SportsCenter, Plaxico Burress just got arrested.”



ESPN Images

When Adam Schefter joined ESPN in August 2009, he was supposed to go into Bristol one day for his orientation. But then, NFL news happened which caused his orientation to be delayed and, well, it has never happened since.

Schefter talked about that experience on his podcast, The Adam Schefter Podcast, when he was interviewing the newest member of the ESPN team, college football senior writer Pete Thamel. Thamel was starting his orientation this week. However, since college football is in the early stages of its offseason, it is less likely that his orientation will be halted by major breaking news.

Here is what Schefter had to say about why he had to miss orientation:

“When I was doing orientation, the plan was to drive to Bristol and then Tuesday, August 20, at 9 AM, I was going to go through orientation. Monday morning, as I was driving up to Bristol from New York, Brett Favre took off from Mississippi to land in Minnesota to sign with the Vikings and I’m doing live hits.”

“The next day, when I was supposed to do my orientation at 9 AM, I showed up at the front door about 8:50 right above the café and all of a sudden, I get a text saying we need you on SportsCenter, Plaxico Burress just got arrested (pled guilty to weapons charge) … I said to the orientators, excuse me, I have to go do SportsCenter. 12.5, 13 years later, I still have not had my orientation at ESPN.”

As for Thamel, he is looking forward to a new challenge at ESPN after writing for established places such as The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Yahoo! Thamel is looking forward to being able to do more television and video with his reporting and has received help from other notable ESPN insiders:

I just think having a new forum to tell stories in a different vehicle and a different way and maybe do some video storytelling, maybe utilizing information in different ways other than Twitter. Mastering a new skill, quite frankly. I’ve been on television, video, but I think that becoming a part of what I do is going to be a really fun challenge.”

“I know enough of that space to know that it is not hard to be okay, but it is hard to be great. It’s going to take a lot of reps and a lot of coaching. Many people at ESPN volunteered to be my coaches on that stuff. Jeff Passan has been great giving advice. Woj has obviously been awesome in that space. There will be a learning curve and the difference here is there is no delete button for your mistake.”

So, what is Thamel looking to accomplish while at ESPN? He wants to help people enjoy college sports differently:

“I expect to help the viewers and the readers enjoy college sports in a different way through information and storytelling. I expect and hope to really utilize all the different arms of ESPN to help enhance people’s enjoyment of college football. I hope to channel the energy of my passion and use the power of ESPN’s reach to tell great stories, to give great information, and help make the games a little better, the characters a little bit more alive.”

This episode provides a good mix of the listener learning more about ESPN’s new college football senior writer and Schefter telling stories about his early days at ESPN, sharing a funny experience like missing his orientation. 

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Power Trip Wants To Know Why Marney Gellnar Kept NSMA Award Secret

“Gellner disclosed that she had known about the honor weeks prior to it being announced via a phone call she received.”




The National Sports Media Association announced its yearly award winners at both the state and national levels Tuesday afternoon. KFAN’s The Power Trip spoke to one of their colleagues who serves as a field/sideline reporter for the MLB’s Minnesota Twins and NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves on Bally Sports North, and as the play-by-play voice for the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx. Marney Gellner has been working professionally in sports media since 1996, and was just named Minnesota Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sports Media Association. In her normal Wednesday morning shift on KFAN, her colleagues congratulated her on the honor and turned it into on-air banter centered around technicalities and betting.

“We’re very happy for you, but we’re a little confused,” said on-air host Cory Cove, who has been with KFAN since 2002. “We’re all Minnesota broadcasters, so… we’re proud of you, but by default since you won ‘Minnesota Sports Broadcaster of the Year,’ then technically the five of us are losers because we should have been at least nominated or considered but we [got] our asses kicked by you.”

“I was thinking it, but I didn’t want to say it,” Gellner responded.

Gellner disclosed that she had known about the honor weeks prior to it being announced via a phone call she received. With the increasing prevalence of sports betting within the sports media landscape, the hosts of The Power Trip were disappointed in the fact that they were not afforded this insider information.

“You’ve been sitting on it for two weeks,” said Paul “Meatsauce” Lambert, co-host of The Power Trip. “Why didn’t you tell us so we could bet on it?”

Betting with inside information about the most likely outcome provoked Cove’s reminiscence of a previous bet he made with longtime KFAN host Mark Rosen about Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show performance in Minnesota.

While Rosen has never admitted it, Cove claims that he had inside information about the plans for the halftime show, most notably that Prince was going to be referenced by Timberlake. When the opportunity presented itself to make a bet on the late Minneapolis native being mentioned, he swiftly put down $100 on it.

“He knew Prince was going to be referenced at the Justin Timberlake halftime show here,” explained Cove. “He 1000% deserved to take my money because if you can’t stop the sucker within the first thirty minutes at the table, then you are the sucker. I walked right into the trap.”

While Gellner did not bet on herself winning the Minnesota Sports Broadcaster of the Year Award, she claimed to have received a million dollars in prize money on the air, something that caused Paul “Meatsauce” Lambert to worry about the “size of her head.”

“I would be,” replied Gellner. “Starting to look like ‘Sauce over here.”

The studio erupted with laughter after that punchline, with its meaning being interpreted more literally than figuratively. Nonetheless, Gellner’s Minnesota Sportscaster of the Year win marks the first of her career, putting her on a list with another prominent broadcaster and colleague.

“You know who has won the Minnesota Sports Broadcaster of the Year before? [Rosen.] 15 times, I think. He’s got $15 million because of it,” remarked Gellner.

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