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Bobby Valentine Tells Boomer & Gio Donald Trump Photo Sunk Him

“Valentine ran as an unaffiliated candidate and fell to Democratic State Rep. Caroline Simmons in the Stamford mayoral race.”

Russ Heltman



Courtesy: WFAN

Former MLB manager and ESPN baseball analyst Bobby Valentine joined WFAN’s Boomer and Gio this week to discuss his mayoral campaign in Stamford, Connecticut. 

Valentine ran as an unaffiliated candidate and fell to Democratic State Rep. Caroline Simmons in the race. He claims that a decades-old picture with him and former President Donald Trump sunk his chances.

“We had a photo taken together in 2000 for the World Series and so the last day of the campaign all around the neighborhoods, a picture of Donald and Bobby with the quote ‘only poor people and dumb people pay taxes,’” Valentine told Boomer and Gio about the photo that circulated around the town on Election Day.

“That really helped with the minority vote in my town,” Valentine said sarcastically.

It wasn’t all bad news for Valentine, who was enamored with the campaign-building process, among other things.

“Built it [the campaign] from scratch, which was a wonderful experience” Valentine explained. “Figuring out how to get volunteers together, and money together, and office, and headquarters together. We actually ran a six-month—perfectly clean—campaign. Not one negative word mentioned the entire time. Got 14,000 votes, more than any non-Democrat ever got in our city, and almost won that thing.

“I’m glad that I was the candidate, and I’m also glad that I’m not the mayor because it’s really a tough job. I got four years of my life back when the votes came in.”

Valentine worked at ESPN for a few years in the early part of the 2010s before re-entering the managing circuit with the Boston Red Sox. He famously managed the Mets to one of their two World Series appearances this century in 2000.

“It’s a little bit of the seven-year itch,” Valentine said when asked why he’s always looking for the next obstacle. “I did seven years in Texas; seven years in New York; seven years in Japan; seven months in Boston. Then I did seven years at Sacred Heart. So, yeah, it’s all about the sevens.”

Sports Radio News

Ken Carman and Anthony Lima Defend Browns Fans From National Media Criticism

92.3 The Fan’s The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima said the NFL’s decision is driven by media reaction.



The NFL announced Wednesday they would appeal the decision by former federal judge Sue L. Robinson to suspend Deshaun Watson for six games and 92.3 The Fan’s The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima said the NFL’s decision is driven by media reaction.

“My son woke up this morning — 2:00 AM — throwing up all over my bathroom. Not the worst thing I’ve dealt with today,” Carman said. “The national media has been very, very, very, very upset. There’s no other way to say it.”

“I should have known. I should have realized when shows like Pardon The Interruption, when this stuff gets brought to light — I mean we saw national news had this over the last 24 hours — I should have known that the NFL was gonna cave to the public perception”, Lima said. “They had a day and a half to sit and marinate on what they should do. Guys, I hate to say it, but nobody had your back. Nobody had Deshaun Watson’s back and nobody had the Browns back.”

Carman then alluded to the national media’s reaction that the suspension was too lenient as the reason the NFL decided to appeal the suspension.

“The problem is, you have a sports league that cares about what the media says, cares about what everyone else thinks. They got Kyle Brandt, on their own network, ripping them. One of the people that’s in their highest honor club, Kurt Warner — Hall of Famer — saying you have to establish a new precedent here,” Ken Carman.

Doug Lesmerises, a writer for, joined the show to discuss the NFL’s decision. Lesmerises recently wrote a column pointing out that Robinson’s ruling points out Watson, in her eyes, is guilty of sexually assaulting the women interviewed for the NFL’s disciplinary hearing, but he too fought back against commentary he thought unfair of Browns fans.

“What do you think of some of the national pundits going after Browns fans at (training) camp?” Carman

“I hate it. It’s pompous. It’s so stupid,” Doug Lesmerises said. “How you have enough energy when you have Deshaun Watson, and (Browns owners) the Haslam’s, and Andrew Berry, and the criminal justice system and everything that’s actually at play here, and you have enough energy, after blaming them, to go after fans?”

Carman later added “if I were to go to camp and somebody gets an autograph I’m supposed to look down at 12-year-old Junior and say ‘do you feel good about yourself? You 12-year-old kid.’ Good god, who the hell am I? Come on! I can be upset about Deshaun Watson, and the Browns, and all that stuff. But I’m not gonna blame the fans. I’m not gonna blame a kid for getting an autograph. It’s silly. It’s such a punching down thing.

“It’s just some of the lowest common denominator thing we do in the media,” Carman said. “Of all the things, come on. There’s a guy out there practicing and fans are going to root for him.”

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Sports Radio News

Sports Map Radio Adding New Weeknight Show ‘The Cash-In’

“The show will debut on September 5th and air weeknights from 10p-1a ET.”



Sports Map Radio is adding to its lineup. The network has announced the addition of The Cash-In with Jason Page. The show will debut on September 5th and air weeknights from 10p-1a ET.

The new nightly program, which will be produced in conjunction with Page’s new company, Decibel 88, is expected to become the first show on the network to focus on the world of sports betting, fantasy sports, and pick ‘em games. Plans are to provide opportunities for listeners to win prizes too.

“Every segment, our goal will be to entertain and inform,” said Page. “Our aim is to be a companion to the games our listeners are watching. Turn the sound down and hang out with us for the fastest three hours in all of sports radio.”

Page’s radio career includes national stops at SiriusXM, NBC Sports Radio, and the BLEAV
Podcast Network. He’s also worked locally for ESPN New York, 95.7 The Game, and ESPN Radio 1410.

“Jason Page is a wonderful addition to our lineup,” said Gow Media COO and Program Director, Craig Larson. “His ability to combine thought provoking topics and humorous anecdotes make for must listen radio.”

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Kentucky and Missouri Stations Switch Formats, Add FOX Sports Radio

Withers switched the two stations to sports talk from oldies and classic country.

Jordan Bondurant



Sports radio listeners in western Kentucky and southeast Missouri can rejoice, thanks to a recent decision by Withers Broadcasting to switch formats.

Folks in the Paducah area of Kentucky can now find FOX Sports Radio on 95.9 FM, while listeners in Cape Girardeau, Missouri can find FSR on 97.3.

Withers switched the two stations to sports talk from oldies and classic country.

Among the lineup of hosts that can be heard on the stations include Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Jason Smith, Ben Maller and Outkick 360 hosted by Jonathan Hutton, Chad Withrow, and Paul Kuharsky.

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