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Stanford Steve Explains How Bad Beats Segment Works

“That’s got to be our, they call it the accordion segment, where we can make it as short or long as we can.”

Ricky Keeler



After Monday Night Football on ESPN, people look forward to SportsCenter With Scott Van Pelt and hearing Van Pelt and Stanford Steve Coughlin breakdown all of the “Bad Beats” of the weekend across sports. As sports gambling continues to grow in the country, people look to that segment to see the craziest finishes that affect who will win money off a wild finish and who ends up losing money in an instant.

On the latest episode of the Sports Illustrated Media PodcastStanford Steve joined Jimmy Traina to talk about Bad Beats and he said that it’s fun to see people react to the segment on social media every week and how much it has grown.

“If you’ve been there, you’ve been there. It’s so funny because with social media now and the reaction you get. I’ll send a clip out when I get it from my people and a lot of people, that’s the way they see it now…The younger demo with gambling opening up everywhere, people are getting more invested. You can tell it’s their first time being a part of it and there’s nothing like it.” 

According to Steve, Bad Beats was originally a segment on ESPN Radio when he was with Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo. That experience is what cemented the idea that the segment needed a visual element.

“In radio, we would just read a game recap story and it just didn’t have it. People wanted to be on it and they would call and be like did you see Iona the other night? It was just kind of tough to do.” 

As far as how much planning goes into the segment now, Steve said that there is an afternoon ZOOM call and sometimes they have to narrow down almost a half-hour of video after a list is formed from social media and show staff suggestions. Plus, it is a segment that is not rehearsed.

“We watch the clip in our office when we get into work. We don’t say anything, we just watch it just to get names down. We want to try to be as correct as we can with people. This is their one time on there. We want to make sure to get their names right. Last week, we watched it one time through the clip in the office and then we went down and we did it.

“We’ve been doing them live lately because of the NFL games going long. That’s got to be our, they call it the accordion segment, where we can make it as short or long as we can. There’s no rehearsal. I just think it is over 10 years of knowing each other and the disgusting thing of he and I is most of the time, we have watched these games live.”

Even though the segment isn’t rehearsed, the amount of entertainment, humor, and knowledge Van Pelt and Stanford Steve bring to that segment make it a must-watch on a weekly basis. 

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Stephen Watson Announced as New Host On Bally Sports Wisconsin

Bally Sports Wisconsin, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks, has announced a new host for their respective pre and postgame shows. Brewers Live and Bucks Live now have Stephen Watson as a host.



Stephen Watson

Bally Sports Wisconsin, the television home of the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks, has announced a new host of it’s pre and postgame offerings. Stephen Watson was announced as a new host for Brewers Live and Bucks Live.

Watson comes to Bally Sports Wisconsin from WISN-TV (Channel 12). There he had spent the last seven years as a sports anchor/reporter/host and covered all of Wisconsin’s major teams. In those seven years, Watson won three Emmy Awards.

“This is a dream opportunity to continue to cover two of the most successful franchises in sports right now while working alongside some of the most talented people in this industry,” Watson said. “Wisconsin sports fans are among the most passionate and dedicated in the country, and I look forward to matching their enthusiasm in my Brewers and Bucks coverage as a host and storyteller.”

Watson will share duties of hosting Brewers Live with Craig Coshun airing before and after each Brewers telecast. He will have similar responsibilities when hosting Bucks Live.

“We’re thrilled to add Stephen to our Bally Sports Wisconsin team. He is a proven content creator; his local knowledge and relationships will greatly benefit our telecasts,” said Tony Tortorici, executive producer, Bally Sports Wisconsin.

Watson is also a collegiate graduate of the area, graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 2011.

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NBA Draft Ratings Rise 32% For ESPN and ABC

“The event peaked at 8:15pm ET when four and a half million viewers tuned in.”



The 2022 NBA Draft may have lacked the high profile prospect that prior drafts have had, but the intrigue surrounding the top three picks led to strong audience interest.

With all eyes on the Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Houston Rockets viewership for the draft rose 32% year over year for ESPN. The first round on ABC and ESPN averaged close to four million viewers (3,988,000).

Paolo Banchero wound up going #1 to the Magic, Chet Holmgren to #2 to the Thunder, and Jabari Smith Jr. #3 to the Rockets. The full two rounds of the draft averaged just over three million viewers (3,047,000). Round 2 aired exclusively on ESPN.

The first round on ESPN and ABC was the most-watched program for June 23rd across all of television in all key demos. The event peaked at 8:15pm ET when four and a half million viewers (4,500,000) tuned in.

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Shannon Sharpe Apologizes to Richard Jefferson for Calling Him Lazy

Jordan Bondurant



Shannon Sharpe

FS1’s Shannon Sharpe took to social media to clear the air between him and ESPN’s Richard Jefferson over some comments Sharpe made about the former NBA champion.

Sharpe said Jefferson was lazy for only wanting to talk about basketball. Jefferson is an NBA analyst for ESPN and doesn’t normally appear on debate shows or provide analysis on other sports.

“There is not a person in this industry since I have retired that would ever refer to my work ethic as being lazy,” Jefferson said in a response video on his TikTok. “So as long as you live don’t ever do that again or this conversation is gonna be much different.”

Sharpe saw the video and apologized saying his assessment of Jefferson was lazy.

“I want to apologize, I come to you as a man, Rich, and apologize to you for my take on what you said,” he said.

Much like Jefferson did, Sharpe then went on to break down the differences between hosts on debate shows who have to watch and study various different sports and analysts like Jefferson who only specialize in analyzing one sport.

But ultimately Sharpe wanted to bury the hatchet and make it clear to the internet that there’s no problems between the two.

“Richard and I do not have a beef,” Sharpe said. “There is nothing going on, and this is my last time addressing this issue.”

Jefferson tweeted on Saturday accepting Shannon’s apology.

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