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Craig Carton: Jeff Passan ‘Views Himself As Untouchable’

“He called out Passan for not being objective in his coverage of the lockout.”



Craig Carton and Jeff Passan have a history of biting back and forth at one another. It should come as no surprise then that on Monday, Carton laid into the ESPN reporter for admitting that he inserted himself into negotiations between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA.

Carton said that many fans regard Passan as one of, if not the best baseball insider working today. The WFAN afternoon host doesn’t think that is true necessarily. He called out Passan for not being objective in his coverage of the lockout.

“He’s anti-owner. So his coverage of the lockout is skewed towards the player, not skewed towards objectivity,” Carton said of Passan. “And for me to back that up, just go look at any of his tweets regarding the lockout and they are all pro-player and even accuses the owners of malfeasance in their handling of the labor dispute.”

The goal of the comments doesn’t seem to be defending MLB owners. Rather, Craig Carton seems to have more to say about Jeff Passan than about baseball. He described Passan as “egotistical and views himself as untouchable”.

He went on to lambast Passan for calling the owners’ offer to the players last week a “shit sandwich” and encouraging players not to sign it. It is an admission Passan made on the ESPN Daily podcast and has since apologized for.

“You may remember a week ago, they spent 12-15 hours late into the night on Monday night trying to get a deal done,” Carton said. “And Tuesday morning when [Passan] woke up and he saw the deal, and his words not mine, he called players, he called players’ agents, and he told them ‘you can’t possibly sign this bleep sandwich.'”

ESPN has since scrubbed the audio from the podcast.

Carton said that the comments prove that Jeff Passan is not capable of being objective.

“It turns out that he is nothing more than a shill for the players, that hates the commissioner and by proxy, all the owners.”

Were their consequences for Passan’s admission? While ESPN hasn’t commented publicly, Carton believes their are. He points to Passan’s lack of Twitter activity as evidence that he may have been suspended by ESPN.

Sports Radio News

Joy Taylor Says Aaron Rodgers Is More Likeable After Pardon My Take Appearance

“It makes him astronomically more likeable,” Taylor said.



Joy Taylor

On Monday, the Pardon My Take podcast dropped their latest episode which featured an interview with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Big Cat, one of the show’s co-hosts, is a Chicago Bears fan and has spent a lot of time not liking Rodgers publicly.

Colin Cowherd saw one of the many clips that the show shared and brought up how much he thought that Rodgers took ribbing from Big Cat and the podcast in stride. That’s when Joy Taylor offered that the interview could help Rodgers in the long run.

“It makes him astronomically more likeable,” Taylor said. “When you can show that you don’t take yourself that seriously, all of the animosity that people have towards you just kind of starts to wither away.”

She added that the disarming quality helps if people don’t perceive Rodgers as thinking he has all the answers.

“When people feel like they are projecting ‘I know more than you’ and ‘I’ve got it all figured out’ energy, people are like: ‘you got to be the smartest guy on the room all time time? You’re not.’

This is so likeable,” Taylor said. “It’s really funny.”

Cowherd agreed and even said he is probably going to go listen to it after the show.

“Aaron is genuinely laughing as they make fun of him and that is an incredibly endearing quality.”

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Sports Radio News

WNSR Debuts ‘Power Hour’ with Sami Kincaid

Nashville’s WNSR debuted Power Hour with host Sami Kincaid.



Power Hour with Sami Kincaid

Nashville has a brand new voice to listen to on WNSR and her name is Sami Kincaid. On Saturday, the station debuted Power Hour with host Sami Kincaid.

The debut show featured Associated Press writer Teresa Walker, Vanderbilt women’s basketball guard Jordyn Cambridge and North Georgia assistant softball coach Alea White. The show is focused on women that are operating inside sports.

The show airs Saturdays from 9-10a CT.

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Toucher and Rich: Dennis Eckersley’s Retirement a “Huge Loss”

“When Eckersley got in there (the booth),” Shertenlieb started, “he was great. It made all of them better when Dennis Eckersley was around. It’s going to be a huge loss.”



Dennis Eckersley

On Monday, Dennis Eckersley announced that he was going to retire from the Boston Red Sox television booth at the end of this season. The current NESN analyst is leaving after twenty years on the air with the team.

The news broke during Toucher and Rich on 98.5 the Sports Hub and it gave show co-host Rich Shertenlieb a chance to mention the news and praise the departing personality.

“When Eckersley got in there (the booth),” Shertenlieb started, “he was great. It made all of them better when Dennis Eckersley was around. It’s going to be a huge loss.”

The show spent the rest of the segment talking about what Eckersley offered that made him so unique. That’s when Matt McCarthy, fill-in for Fred Toucher, said that Eckersley was exactly what you wanted in an analyst.

“You want someone that’s going to give you an opinion,” McCarthy said. “Eck gave you an opinion. He’ll be missed.”

McCarthy also pointed out that this is the latest major shakeup that has happened to the television broadcast in recent years.

“There’s no doubt this is a blow,” McCarthy added. “This is a tremendous loss to that Red Sox broadcast to which has taken a lot of hits over the years with the loss of Jerry Remy, the decision to move on from Don Orsillo and now Dennis Eckersley retiring… they are going to have to find an entertainer in there. Matt McCarthy

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