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John Sterling Reads From Mraz’s Vegas Trip Fat Journal on ‘The D.A. Show’

“Won’t see a scale for me until Mother’s Day at the earliest. It’s over, man. What a disgrace.”



Since learning he was “max obese” according to BMI (Body Mass Index) in January, The D.A. Show‘s co-host and producer Shaun Morash (Mraz) has been keeping a “fat journal” to help him monitor what he’s eating and presumably lose weight.

But rather than record his intake and suffer in silence, Damon Amendolara, Andrew Bogusch, and Pete Bellotti have used Mraz’s fat journal for maximum comedy. In a running bit, The D.A. Show has been enlisting members of Mraz’s family and special guest radio personalities to read from the journal. (Is the content actually from Mraz’s fat journal or written up by Bellotti? You make the call.)

On Thursday, legendary New York Yankees radio play-by-play announcer John Sterling got the honor of reading from Mraz’s fat journal for listeners. And these entries were particularly entertaining, as they were written during a weekend trip to Las Vegas.

Amid gambling, drinking, and debauchery, what are the chances anyone would stick to a strict diet and monitor food intake? Surely, only the most disciplined. And as D.A. Show fans know, that is not Mraz.

Please listen to Sterling’s audio reading from the Vegas weekend fat journal and enjoy Amendolara’s reactions in the clip below.

“Wednesday night, two Amstel Lights before my flight and a slice of very below-average dollar pizza at JFK,” Sterling narrated. “Landed Vegas time 11:30 p.m., throw down two tall boy Modelos and at 3 a.m., a grilled chicken sandwich with fries from Johnny Rocket’s.”

Subsequent entries and meals included a blueberry Dunkin Donut, chicken nachos, burger and fries, and many, many beers and whiskeys. Hey, it was St. Patrick Day’s! Oh, there was a hot fudge sundae in there too. In addition to some egg whites and grilled vegetables along the way for healthy eating.

Besides Sterling’s voice bringing Mraz’s journal to life, other highlights included chocolate chip pancakes, dancing with women who “could’ve played offensive line in college football,” and a meat-laden extravaganza at a Brazilian steakhouse. The weekend — and journal entries — ended with an 18-hour ordeal of losing money on Kansas, flight delays, brisket, whole chicken, and Malibu and Cokes that wrecked any pretense of eating and living healthy.

“Won’t see a scale for me until Mother’s Day at the earliest,” read Sterling. “It’s over, man. What a disgrace.”

Kudos for Mraz to subjecting himself to embarrassment in the name of comedy. On the bright side, how many of us get to have our bad habits and weaknesses read by a legendary baseball broadcaster with a deep, booming voice?

If you’d like to compare, here is Tiki Barber’s reading of Mraz’s fat journal. Some might think Tiki’s renditon is more personable and relatable than the authoritative version read by Sterling.

Sports Radio News

Greg Hill to Jeff Van Gundy: ‘You Sounded Like You Were on the Bucks’ Payroll’

“After a pregnant pause, Van Gundy answered through laughter, throwing a zinger right back at Hill and crew.”




They are nothing if not blunt in Boston. That was the case Tuesday morning when The Greg Hill Show welcomed ABC/ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy to the program to preview the Eastern Conference Finals.

Overall, it was a cordial visit. Questions mostly focused on the headlines related to officiating throughout the playoffs and what the Celtics would have to do to make it to the NBA Finals, which Van Gundy thinks will happen.

“I think Boston’s been the best team in the league,” he said. “I think they’re gonna win it all this year.”

Greg Hill said after the conference semi-finals matchup with Milwaukee, he was surprised to hear Jeff Van Gundy felt that way.

“Jeez, I’m glad to hear you say that,” Hill told Van Gundy. “It almost sounded like you were on the Bucks’ payroll at times during that last series.”

After a pregnant pause, Van Gundy answered through laughter, throwing a zinger right back at Hill and crew.

“You know what? I get used to that and then the Bucks people say I want Boston to win. Not that you guys would be homers or anything.”

Jeff Van Gundy will join Mike Breen and Mark Jackson at the broadcast table for the Eastern Conference Finals on ABC and ESPN. Game 1 between the Celtics and Heat is scheduled for Tuesday night at 8:30 in Miami.

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99.7 The Fox Becomes New Carolina Panthers Flagship

“The new deal represents a return to The Fox for the Panthers. The station was the team’s flagship from 2000 through 2004.”



The Carolina Panthers are on the move in Charlotte. The team is leaving WBT. Their new radio home will be 99.7 The Fox, iHeartMedia’s classic rock station.

The station will carry all Panthers game broadcasts, the Panthers pregame and postgame shows as well the team’s weekly coach’s show. There will also be an on-site presence for every home game at Bank of America Stadium.

“We are thrilled to increase iHeartSports NFL partnerships with the addition of the Carolina Panthers. The passion between a sports team and its fan base is one-of-a-kind, and we’re thrilled to expand the Carolina Panthers’ reach to their passionate supporters with our new multi-media deal,” Kevin LeGrett, President of iHeartMedia Sports, said in a press release. “iHeart’s reach in Charlotte is unprecedented, meaning more fans will hear their favorite team than ever before. The partnership will include broadcast, streaming, podcast, events, marketing and promotional elements which will drive results for the Panthers!”

“The team at 99.7 The Fox is delighted to once again be the broadcast home of the Carolina Panthers, bringing best-in-class content from the team to its dedicated and passionate fans,” Dave Carwile, President of iHeartMedia Multi-Platform Group – Charlotte, added. “We know how special the relationship and connection between the city of Charlotte, the Panthers and the fan base is, and we’re thrilled to enhance that bond with an expanded coverage area reaching more fans on 99.7 The Fox. We can’t wait to get started.”

The new deal represents a return to The Fox for the Panthers. The station was the team’s flagship from 2000 through 2004. Every other year of the franchise’s existence, their games have been heard on WBT.

“The Panthers are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Radio One, and the role that WBT has played in sharing some of the greatest moments in franchise history for 22 seasons, including each of the past 17,” Jake Burns, Chief Commercial Officer for the Carolina Panthers, said.

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Indiana Sports Talk Station Set To Flip Formats

“The promos say that station owner Woof Boom Broadcasting is “building a new radio station for Muncie and Delaware County”.



Sports fans in Muncie, Indiana may soon lose their favorite sports station. Listeners to Muncie Sports 92.5 have heard promos teasing a new station coming to the frequency.

The promos say that station owner Woof Boom Broadcasting is “building a new radio station for Muncie and Delaware County”. The station has also changed its call letters. What was WXFN is now WMUN.

Muncie Sports 92.5 airs on two signals. 1340 AM is a 1000 watt station. 92.5 FM is a translator signal.

The station airs an hour-long local show hosted by Mark Foerster on weekdays at 4 pm. It carries syndicated programming from FOX Sports Radio and is the local affiliate for the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Cincinnati Reds, IndyCar Series, Ball State University football and women’s basketball, and three local high schools.

ESPN 680 is still available from nearby Marion,IN. Two Indianapolis sports talk stations are strong enough to be heard in the town as well according to Radio Locator.

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