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Top 10 Point Guards To Ever Play In The NBA

“The Best Court Leaders To Ever Play In The NBA.”



When we start playing basketball as kids, most of us dream of becoming NBA Point Guards one day. It is the most iconic position in the sport. 

Much like the quarterback in the NFL, a good point guard can make or break their team. They are the most specialized players on the court and are considered the on-court leaders by many. 

Today, we are going to look at the greatest point guards to ever grace the NBA courts. 

#10 – Gary Payton

1990–2003 Seattle SuperSonics

2003 Milwaukee Bucks

2003–2004 Los Angeles Lakers

2004–2005 Boston Celtics

2005–2007 Miami Heat

If this was a list of the best point guard defenders of all time, Gary Payton would be at the top of it. 

His performance on defense kept the teams he played for out of danger time and time again. Payton was an NBA Champion with the Heat in 2006. 

#9 – Bob Cousy

1950–1963 Boston Celtics

1969–1970 Cincinnati Royals

It would be a crime to make this list and not include Cousy. We have this man to thank for the role of the modern point guard. 

Cousy is often referred to as “the original floor general” because of the way his career and playing style defined the role of point guard for all those who came after him. 

Cousy won the NBA Championship 6 times throughout his career. 

#8 – Jason Kidd

1994–1996 Dallas Mavericks

1996–2001 Phoenix Suns

2001–2008 New Jersey Nets

2008–2012 Dallas Mavericks

2012–2013 New York Knicks

Jason Kidd was a great point guard who has gone on to coach more great point guards. 

Kidd not only won the NBA Championship with the Dallas Mavericks (where is now the head coach) but he also won 2 Olympic gold medals as the point guard for Team USA. 

#7 – Steve Nash 

1996–1998 Phoenix Suns

1998–2004 Dallas Mavericks

2004–2012 Phoenix Suns

2012–2015 Los Angeles Lakers

Nash is the only Canadian player to make it onto this list, but don’t hold that against him. 

He may also be one of the best point guards to not win an NBA Championship. Although he did take his teams very close on many occasions. 

#6 –  Chris Paul

2005–2011 New Orleans Hornets

2011–2017 Los Angeles Clippers

2017–2019 Houston Rockets

2019–2020 Oklahoma City Thunder

2020–present Phoenix Suns

Paul is one of the only players on this list that is still active – he could go on to climb up this list in the future. You can find the NBA odds on Paul’s next season here. 

Paul is yet to win a Championship title but is a 12-time All-Star and was named Rookie of the Year back in 2006. 

#5 – John Stockton

1984–2003 Utah Jazz

Not only is Stockton fairly unique in the world of basketball because of his playing styles and height, but also because he spent his entire career with one team. 

While Stockton did not win a championship title in his 19 years with the NBA he was a 10-time All-Star and he led the league in assists for 8 years running. 

#4 – Isiah Thomas

1981–1994 Detroit Pistons

It seems unfair to put the chief “Bad Boy” at only number 4 on this list, but Thomas has some stiff competition. 

Thomas has been named the best player in the NBA under 6 foot 1 by nearly every commentator out there (including us). He was a man who did not let his height hold him back. 

He made up for it with power, confidence, and skill. 

#3 – Stephen Curry

2009–present Golden State Warriors

Curry has led the Golden State Warriors to 3 NBA championships titles (2015, 2017, and 2018). He has also been an NBA MVP. In many sports, those achievements would be enough to make him the Greatest of All Time. 

#2 – Oscar Robertson

1960–1970 Cincinnati Royals

1970–1974 Milwaukee Bucks

Roberston did many things in his career that set him apart from his rivals. He won the NBA Championship with the Bucks in 1971. He also became the first player to average a triple-double in league history. 

He was also the person to take the NBA to court ( Robertson v. National Basketball Ass’n 1970), this trial led to players having more say over who they played for, their contracts, and led to fairer wages for players across the NBA. 

Yes, he was a great basketball player, but he was a lover of the sport who changed it for the better. 

#1 – Magic Johnson 

1979–1991, 1996 Los Angeles Lakers

1999–2000 Magic M7 Borås

2000 Magic Great Danes

No, you’re not shocked to see Magic Johnson at the top of this list, are you? 

Johnson was the leader of the Lakers when they were dominant over the rest of the NBA. He played with style and heart. He made millions of people around the world fall in love with basketball. 

He won the NBA championship title 5 times as a player – 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988.

Basketball fans could spend hours arguing about who the greatest point guard of all time is. The question is up there with who the best ever player was and the greatest team in the NBA. 

We don’t think this list will get all fans to agree with us, but we hope it has given you some food for thought. 

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American vs. Canadian Ice Hockey: Comparing American and Canadian Styles of Hockey



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The game of ice hockey – as we currently know it, was completely different when it started thousands of years ago. Historical records show that a primitive form of the game was played around 4000 years ago in Egypt and around 1000 BC in Ethiopia. Of course, these ancient replicas were not hockey but resembled the sport in many ways.

Today, the National Hockey League boasts over 2 million spectators and dedicated fans. Some of the best hockey players in the world play in the league, and many sports bettors around the world bet on NHL odds. According to a study by Nielsen Sports in 2018, NHL betting revenue from legal and regulated sports betting may increase by $216 million annually. It shows how much the game has grown since its inception.

Today, the most prominent forms of hockey are played in America and Canada, which have led to several debates and rivalries in recent times. There have been questions like, where did modern hockey start? What are the major differences between Canadian and American hockey? This article will answer some of these questions.

Where Did Ice Hockey Start?

While the origin of hockey is dated back to the archaic period, the history of modern hockey is contemporary.

The modern game was introduced not that long ago. Many Canadian cities like Windsor and Nova have contested for recognition of the first hockey game being played in their cities. However, the first hockey game was played in 1875 in Montreal, Quebec. The officials established the first published rules in 1877.

Ice hockey has drastically evolved since its introduction in 1875. It’s now one of the most popular sports in the world.

Are There Any Differences Between American and Canadian Hockey?

Since the inclusion of the American Boston Bruins into the then Canadian teams’ constituted NHL in 1924, hockey has been widely accepted in America.

However, there are rivalry and conflicts regarding which country has the best hockey players and which variant is better. While both countries play the same sport, there are some differences between Canadian and American Hockey. Some of the most notable differences include:

1. Playing Hockey is More Expensive in America

Most American hockey players come from the elite and privileged class. That’s because of the game’s expensive set-ups. The average cost for basic hockey equipment in the US is approximately $585. Aside from the need for travel costs, tuition fees, food, knock-on-wood, injury fees, and many other expenses, these run into thousands of dollars. A helmet alone could cost up to $110, and shoulder and elbow pads could cost about $80 each.

However, in Canada, the story is different. The New York Times reports that purchasing hockey equipment costs between 500 to 1,000 Canadian dollars for a season. That’s about 380 to 760 USD. Hockey is an expensive sport, and many lower-income players cannot afford to get the necessary equipment. However, while it’s also costly in Canada, it’s more affordable.

2. Canadians Seem to be More Passionate About the Sport

It’s no news that hockey is a Canadian game. Most Canadian citizens grew up watching and breathing the game. They grew up seeing the likes of Mark Messier, Gordie Howe, Marcel Dionne, and even the stunning 1961-born athlete Wayne Gretzky, who often featured on Hockey Night in Canada.

Apart from being the national sport, it’s also integrated into their daily lives like school sports and games. Canadian players and spectators play and watch hockey with unwavering intensity and loyalty.

However, in the United States, the mainstream sports are American football, basketball, and baseball, while hockey and golf come last in the order of preference. In addition to this, the Bleacher Report article revealed that many Americans don’t watch hockey. Unlike their Canadian counterparts, Americans are not as passionate about hockey.

3. Limitations

While hockey is a game for everyone in Canada, it’s more of a regional sport in America because of its restriction to the upper class in the United States. The fact that hockey is expensive contributes to its popularity in rich states and affluent families.

North American and European Hockey

While there is not much difference in playing styles of North American neighbors, American and Canadian hockey, there is a huge difference between North American and European hockey in that regard.

For example, North American hockey allows fighting. It’s considered an official way of playing the game. Fighting appeals to fans and heightens the tension in the game and the value of entertainment. It’s now a traditional code in North American hockey. Rule 46 of the NHL allows referees to give the proper punishment and penalties after a fight.

In European hockey, it’s strictly prohibited. Any form of violence during the game results in a red card. The player is ushered out of the rink.


Hockey is like any other sport that connects and entertains people. While both the Canadian and American versions of the sport fulfill the primary goals, some disparities exist.

However, most of these differences are mainly in the playing cultures and fans’ acceptance. Essentially, both countries play the same kind of hockey in terms of the rules of the game.

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Baltimore Ravens News: 2023 Compensatory Picks Unlikely, Executive Bob Eller Retiring, Predictions & More



The developments of 2022 NFL free agency could prevent the Baltimore Ravens from gaining any compensatory picks for next year.

As noted by Todd Karpovich of Raven Country at Sports Illustrated, Baltimore is currently not in position to gain compensatory selections in 2023.

Karpovich noted that the Ravens added Marcus Williams, Michael Pierce and Morgan Moses in free agency on multi-year pacts. None of the 2021 Ravens players who signed with other teams in free agency landed multi-year contracts.

With the way free agency has played out up to this point, the Ravens are currently set to have zero extra picks for next year. But that’s all for another day, as the Ravens once again feature a star-studded roster capable of going on a deep run next season.

Baltimore carries Super Bowl 57 odds of +2200 at Caesars Maryland sportsbook that recently launched, and fans in the state can bet on a variety of sports. This includes football, hockey, baseball, golf, soccer, volleyball, cycling, tennis and more.

The Ravens were awarded two compensatory selections last year — the No. 104 and No. 184 selections. They used the 104th pick on SMU cornerback Brandon Stephens, and the 184th choice on Michigan fullback Ben Mason.

Baltimore holds the 14th, 45th, 76th, 100th, 110th, 119th, 128th, 139th, 141st and 196th selections in this year’s draft. The 100th selection was awarded as a compensatory pick after the Houston Texans hired former Ravens assistant David Culley for their head coaching position.

Longtime Ravens Executive Bob Eller To Retire In June

On Monday, the Ravens announced that senior vice president of operations Bob Eller will retire on June 1.

Eller has been with the franchise for 35 years, dating back to when the organization played its final years as the Browns back in Cleveland (the team relocated to Baltimore in 1996).

“Bob is an ‘original Raven’ who has made a significant and long-lasting impact on our franchise,” Ravens president Sashi Brown said, per the club’s official website.”His contributions to our organization and the NFL are immense. We are grateful for his leadership, vision, hard work and dedication in helping the Ravens succeed.”

Under Eller, the Ravens have been one of the NFL’s most consistent franchises as well as a model organization when it comes to drafting. They won Super Bowl 35 and Super Bowl 47 in the 2000 and 2012 seasons, respectively.

With Eller in the front office, the Ravens mostly built their roster through the draft. The best selections include Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Marlon Humphrey and Lamar Jackson.

Ravens Take Trent McDuffie & Channing Tindall In Mel Kiper’s Latest Mock Draft

Last week, NFL draft guru and analyst Mel Kiper released his updated mock draft for rounds one and two.

Kiper has the Ravens taking Washington corner Trent McDuffie with the No. 14 selection. If this comes to fruition, Baltimore would have another playmaker in their loaded secondary that already includes Pro Bowl corners Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey and free agent pickup Marcus Williams.

With the No. 45 pick, Kiper has the Ravens selecting Georgia linebacker Channing Tindall. Baltimore has been relatively quiet in addressing the front seven this offseason, aside from bringing back Calais Campbell on a two-year deal.

It simply wouldn’t be a surprise if the Ravens used their first two picks on defense. The front seven especially could use some work.

Way-Too-Early 2022 Ravens Predictions

The Ravens would have unquestionably made the postseason in 2022 if they didn’t lose so many key starters to injuries.

But as long as the likes of Jackson, Peters and Humphrey are healthy, Baltimore should be in contention for the AFC Championship. In some ways, it’s incredible that they won eight games last year despite all the injuries on both sides of the ball.

Baltimore will have it tough in the wide open AFC, but it’s hard to forecast a second consecutive non-playoff season if the core players are on the field.

The Cincinnati Bengals still look like the class of the AFC North, but a Ravens roster with this much talent should be able to get at least 10 wins and a playoff berth.

Early 2022 Prediction: The Ravens Go 11-6, Earning The AFC’s Top Wild Card Spot

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The Best Sports Streaming Apps for Android Smartphones in 2022



If you watch sports games, the list of top 5 leading sports streaming platforms will be handy for you. Make sure to check the list of apps and enjoy the top-rated quality of the games.

How to Find the Best Sports Streaming Android Apps

Do you enjoy watching sports games on TV? For many people, sport is a huge part of their life. Not only playing games but watching them online is a lot of pleasure. For this reason, a lot of people have sport on top of their list of hobbies. It’s not even a hobby. It could be a lifestyle. You may be sitting at home and waiting for the match to start, and it could be a daily routine.

The best way to experience emotions and have fun is by watching the games in real life. When you experience the atmosphere on the field. You benefit even more from the game. But it’s not always possible to visit the game and watch how athletes compete with each other in real life due to different circumstances. Fortunately, there are lots of services to broadcast the games on our screens.

Why Do I Use Sports Streaming Apps?

In many cases, people choose TV to watch the games. But you don’t always have access to TV programs. Whether you are driving somewhere or can’t find a reliable TV set to turn on the game, you may need a different broadcasting source. For this reason, people are looking for different tools where they can watch the games.

In this case, online mobile broadcast services come to the fore. You can use them on the go and turn them on when you’re busy with other tasks. These services aren’t dependent on the place you find yourself in. If you have an Internet connection, you can benefit from the use of either paid or free sports streaming apps.

But there’s one issue. Some services aren’t available in your country, so you might need to download VPN for mobile devices. A handy VPN app for Android will let you enjoy the broadcasts. You can try a free tool for your phone. VeePN has a wide set of features. What’s the best VPN for Android to use on your phone? You can try a light VPN tool, or go for a more sophisticated one. With a high-rated VPN tool, you will find it easy to join any broadcast, even if the service is forbidden or blocked in your country.

Top 5 Best Sports Streaming Apps for Your Android 

What is the best sports streaming app for Android? If you decide to find the best apps to watch sports on your Android, you should check out the list with the following applications. Most of them are free and will offer you the best features. You can enjoy the games online without any major effort.

Live NetTV

Let’s start with the best app to stream live sports on Android. This is a free application you can use without covering any costs. You can watch TV streaming games and get benefits from the easy interface the application shows. This is an easy-to-use tool for those who enjoy online sports games.


Would you like to benefit from another free-of-cost Android app? Oreo can offer you the best streaming sessions for free. You don’t need to look for a place to go and watch a sports game. If you download the Oreo application to your phone, you will have sports streaming sessions always with you. In some cases, you might need to use VPN, but it’s no problem with the VeePN feature you have now.

Show Sport TV

This app is a perfect tool for persistent sports lovers. There are up to 80 channels to watch sports games. You can follow the schedule to keep in touch with all the news on the app. Another great feature of the app is its score and time lineup feature. You can track the score with a couple of easy steps. If there’s a channel that’s blocked in your country, you can always turn on the VPN app.

Sony LIV 

Do you enjoy watching cricket games, but most streaming platforms don’t show the cricket sports games? Sony LIV is the answer to your questions. You can try to use this app for its versatile streaming schedule. You can benefit from a ton of options on a handy mobile application.

Sports Angel

If you want to enjoy watching an online match on your phone, Sports Angle will stream you a wide range of channels and games. A good thing about the streaming platform is its ad-block feature. You won’t suffer from the constant flow. Furthermore, the application ensures that the sports games are of HD quality. This is a top streaming app for its functionality and the number of positive features users can benefit from.


Which app is best for live sports streaming? You have discovered the best 5 apps for watching the latest news on the sports topic. What should you do if you can’t reach the service to enjoy your favorite team? The best option is to choose a leading streaming platform for your Android app.

It’s easy and doesn’t require any effort, except for downloading the tool on your phone or opening the extension online. Whether you use an online apk downloader or another method, it will play into your hands and let you enjoy high-quality streaming wherever you go or wherever you find yourself.

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