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Rick Sanchez, Agua Media to Deliver Content From Latino Perspective

Rick Sanchez has plenty of experience working for mainstream news outlets like CNN, Fox News, and Univision, but now he’s ready to deliver his own content.



In Sports Media, several recognizable figures use the name they’ve created for themselves at mainstream outlets to launch their podcast network or media company. People like Colin Cowherd, who has The Volume, and Dan LeBatard with Meadowlark Media.

On the news media side, there’s Dan Abrams, who has Mediaite and Law&Order; however, his ventures don’t steer off the path of news, which is why Rick Sanchez could be considered something different. 

Sanchez brings plenty of experience working at news media giants like CNN, Fox News, and Univision. Nonetheless, now he’s out on his own as the CEO of Agua Media, beginning his lifelong dream of creating his content. 

The former host spoke with Barrett News Media discussing how the underrepresentation of the Latino population in media played a role in this new venture with his business partner Solomon D. Trujillo.

“Why is it that we are 20-percent of the population, but only two percent of the guests on television,” Sanchez said. “And this is what I want to change. I know the reality of America. Latinos are the bridge to the new American mainstream.”

Despite Sanchez being all in on this venture, it was Trujillo that talked him into the idea of taking this leap into having their network. The now-chairman of Agua Media showed Sanchez that they needed to fill a void when it comes to the content they can produce. 

Furthermore, Trujillo didn’t want to jump into this project with anyone else, citing Sanchez’s background, whether it’s being a refugee or his ability to share and create ideas that no one else can. 

“For the past ten years, Sol has been talking about how important it would be for us to do this,” Sanchez said. “Sol kind of talked me into the idea that we could succeed. I talked myself into the idea of how necessary what we are going to do is.”

After many years working at news media giants, Sanchez added that he would be “crazy not to” take this venture, considering he knows the market. However, despite having a background working in the news, Sanchez wants to clarify that it won’t be a news-centric network.

“Investing in news would be like investing in a typewriter company,” Sanchez said. “There’s too much of it, nobody believes in it … and whatever audience you get will be restrictive.”

The former host added that by being a network that focuses on news, they would be “separating yourself to a small audience.” He went on to say that diving into news wouldn’t be something that would do well, in his opinion. 

Although Agua Media will be creating content from a Latino perspective, the network plans to target people from all walks of life regardless of their background. In addition, they plan to have podcasts that cover everything so a listener can have a buffet of what they might like.

Agua Media will have podcasts covering current events, true crime, horror, lifestyle, and humor; they plan to be the platform for podcast listeners and podcast creators who make up the new American mainstream.

In the background, Sanchez is bringing in Workhouse Media, who are working with the likes of Dan Patrick. He’s also collaborating with someone who has worked alongside Oprah Winfrey. Agua Media plans to work with people who know the podcasting business inside and out.

When it comes to putting together a content creation company, Sanchez is looking in his backyard of Miami, bringing in people who have worked at Univision and Telemundo. 

“These are brilliant writers, who have been writing Latino-based stories all of their lives, and we are bringing much of them in to do much of our narrative pieces,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez doesn’t want to stop there, as he wants his network to be a home where Latino influencers can have a home to create content and famous Latino athletes to tell their stories. 

Although Agua Media is starting to get off the ground, the podcast network already has content ready to be created. Here’s the list of what’s to come from the company:

  • “Underrated” – A five-part fictional series on gamer Melinda Gutierrez, who beat the odds to make it to the top of the gaming world.
  • “Los Heebie Jeebees” – A supernatural phenomenon narrative where true crime and horror come to life from the dark corners of Mexico.
  • Best-selling author and activist Julissa Arce produces a podcast on the untold history of U.S. Latinos and the impact that history still has on those communities today.
  • “You Are Amazing!” – A podcast that quenches the need to be uplifted through aspirational stories of success, coproduced by Agua CCO and former Oprah Winfrey Executive Producer Corny Koehl.
  • “Campeones” – The real-life stories of Latino sports legends—from Valenzuela to Canelo to Ronaldo
  • “The Rick Sanchez L’Attitude!” – A rarity in American media, Sanchez shares a wider lens perspective on trends and events the Latino+™ community has been waiting to hear

As Agua Media finds its place in the podcasting network world, it will be interesting to see who else might jump onboard and what type of content will be produced heading forward with what they already have planned. 

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Lulu Garcia-Navarro to Host Opinion Podcast for NY Times

“When a lot of us hear the word “opinion” we think of hot takes — points of view in reaction to the news. But what about the experiences that shape our opinions?” The Times said in a press release. 



New York Times

The New York Times will have a new opinion podcast coming out soon called “First Person.” The company announced that Peabody Award-winning journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro will host this new show beginning June 9th. 

“When a lot of us hear the word “opinion” we think of hot takes — points of view in reaction to the news. But what about the experiences that shape our opinions?” The Times said in a press release

“That’s the question we’re exploring in “First Person,” a new podcast from New York Times Opinion with Lulu Garcia-Navarro. In each episode, Lulu sits down with people living through the headlines for intimate and surprising conversations that help us make sense of our complicated world.”

Garcia-Navarro will bring plenty of experience to her new podcast as a two-time Peabody Award-winning journalist with years of interviewing world leaders, authors, artists, and people living on the front lines of a changing world.

“This show is a new way of understanding where people’s opinions come from. It’s urgent and intimate and takes someone who is living through something incredible and asks them how they came to believe what they believe,” Garcia-Navarro said per Radio Ink

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Twitter Will Not Renegotiate Original Offer with Elon Musk

Twitter doesn’t plan on backing down from the agreement even as Musk attempts to cast doubt about the number of fake accounts on the platform. 



Twitter is playing hardball with Elon Musk, who initially agreed to buy the social media platform for $44-billion. During a town hall meeting, executives of the company told staffers they would not renegotiate the price of his takeover agreement, per The Daily Beast

Furthermore, Twitter doesn’t plan on backing down from the agreement even as Musk attempts to cast doubt about the number of fake accounts on the platform. 

Nonetheless, earlier this week, the company stated that they had plans to “close the transaction and enforce the merger agreement” between the Telsa CEO and the social media giant. 

The terms of the buyout contract will make it hard for him to evade the deal with Twitter. It contains a $1 billion breakup fee, and the company could sue to compel Musk to follow through on the transaction.

Last week, the entrepreneur tweeted that he was placing the deal on hold until Twitter could verify that spam and fake accounts do not comprise more than 5 percent of its users. 

Musk stated that he was dedicated to purchasing the company and indicated that he was open to a deal at a lower price.

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Donald Trump Accuses Google of Trying to Ruin TRUTH Social

Truth Social was developed by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and is headed by former congressman Devin Nunes.



Former President Donald Trump is not happy with Google. According to Rolling Stone, Trump believes that the tech giant is trying to ruin his new social media platform, TRUTH Social. The platform is currently not available to Android users which have drawn the ire of Trump.

“One person whom the outlet did not identify claimed to have discussed TRUTH Social’s unavailability for Android users with Trump,” the magazine wrote. “The person said he has also asked questions such as, “What’s up with Google?” and, “[is Google trying to] screw with me?”

Truth Social was developed by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and is headed by former congressman Devin Nunes.

Trump reportedly believes that Google and YouTube are out to get him. “This has left Trump with questions about the status of the product and whether his perceived enemies at Google had any plans to reject it,” the report said.

“Is Google trying to f**k me?” Trump asked.

Big Tech banned Trump from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat following the Jan. 6 riots. 

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