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Chris Gordy: Bill Simmons Hates Houston Fans

“You need to actually expand your basketball viewership and look outside of just the Boston Celtics.”



With the NBA regular season in the books, in addition to the focus shifting to the postseason, the debates over player awards intensifies.

Many in basketball media believe Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green should be the NBA Rookie of the Year. But don’t count The Ringer’s Bill Simmons among them.

Simmons caught some heat from plenty in the media after saying “F–k Jalen Green” when talking about Rookie of the Year voting. He said he was voting for New Orleans Pelicans forward Herb Jones.

Over on SportsTalk 790 in Houston, the cast of In The Trenches offered their reaction to Simmons’s comments.

Co-host Chris Gordy said Simmons was trying to take a shot at the Rockets and their fans.

“It shows Bill Simmons is petty,” Gordy said. He talked about how Simmons was never a fan of James Harden and how he caught heat from Houston fans. “He sees all that. So now he just has a hatred for Houston fans. I feel like he takes digs out of spite for Houston.”

Producer Brian “Big Sarge” Barefield was confused as to what NBA basketball Simmons was watching and suggested broadening his basketball horizons.

“You need to actually expand your basketball viewership and look outside of just the Boston Celtics,” he said. “It’s funny because I don’t even know how he still has a vote.”

Meanwhile co-host ND Kalu tried to make sense of it, thinking Simmons was voting for the person rather than the player’s performances.

“I think he likes the Herbert Jones story more so than the player over Jalen Green,” Kalu said. “Guys who get drafted where he was drafted, they typically go to the G League and bounce around before they get their footing…I think he likes that story more.”

Simmons has since responded to the criticism he received, suggesting everything he said was in a joking manner. Still, given Simmons’s repeated feud with the Rockets and their fans, his words weren’t well received.

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