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Sports Radio’s Fall Book Ratings Recap (Major Markets)

Demetri Ravanos




Sports radio’s fall book is over and the ratings are in. Football season is known to create high expectations, helping many of the nation’s best brands end the year with strong momentum. It has been a while since we last printed the numbers, and that’s given us plenty of time to rethink how exactly to do this.

Rather than putting together in-depth pieces for each individual city, we are instead going to present the format’s major markets as a whole. A recap of how the mid markets’ top brands performed is coming later in the week. For today though, let’s take a look at the fall ratings in the top 20 markets.

Be advised that ratings information for Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Minneapolis and San Diego was not made available this quarter to BSM therefore those cities are not listed. Here’s everything else.



6a-10a (Boomer & Gio) – 9.7 (1st)

10a-2p (Tiki & Tierney) – 6.4 (3rd)

2p-6:30p (Carton & Roberts) – 7.7 (2nd)


6a-10a (2 hours of DiPietro & Rothenberg and 2 hours of ESPN Radio’s morning show with Max Kellerman, Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams) – 2.5 (15th)

10a-3p (ESPN Radio’s #Greeny and Bart & Hahn) – 2.4 (14th)

3p-6:30p (Michael Kay Show) – 2.9 (14th)*

* – Full ratings information for 98.7 ESPN New York was not available. The numbers for afternoon drive on the station reflect the time that The Michael Kay Show is on head-to-head against Carton & Roberts (3-6:30 pm).




5:30a-10a (Mully & Haugh) – 4.8 (3rd)

10a-2p (Bernstein & Holmes) – 5.6 (2nd)

2p-6p (Parkins & Spiegel) – 4.7 (4th)

M-F 6a-7p – 5.0 (3rd)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 4.4 (4th)

ESPN 1000

5:30a-10a (90 minutes of ESPN Radio followed by Kap & JHood – 4.2 (6th)

10a-3p (2 hours of ESPN Radio’s #Greeny, 2 hours of Carmen & Jurko, 1 hour of Waddle & Silvy) – 3.7 (t-9th)

3p-7p (3 hours of Waddle & Silvy and 1 hour of Bleck & Abdalla) – 4.8 (3rd)

M-F 6a-7p – 4.2 (5th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 3.5 (t-10th)

*670 The Score’s numbers reflect total line reporting. ESPN 1000 only provides numbers from its over-the-air signal.




The Morning Roast (6a-9a) – 5.2 (5th)

Willard & Dibbs (9a-12p) – 4.4 (6th)

Steiny & Guru (12p-3p) – 5.2 (2nd)

Damon & Ratto (3p-6p) – 5.0 (4th)

M-F 6a-7p – 4.8 (4th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 3.8 (8th)


Information for individual KNBR shows was not available.

6 – 9 AM (Murph & Mac) – 4.5 (6th)

9a-12p (1 hour of Murph & Mac followed by 2 hours of Papa & Lund) – 4.9 (3rd)

12p-3p (2 hours of Papa & Lund and 1 hour of Tolbert & Copes) – 4.8 (3rd)

3p-6p (Tolbert & Copes) – 4.0 (7th)

M-F 6a-7p – 4.6 (6th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 4.0 (6th)




5:30 – 10 am (The Musers) – 9.4 (1st)

10a-3p (Norm & Donovan 10a-12p and The Hang Zone 12p-3p) – 5.9 (4th)

3p-7p (Hardline) – 6.2 (2nd)

M-F 6a-7p – 7.2 (1st)

105.3 THE FAN

5:30a-10a (Shan & RJ) – 2.9 (11th)

10a-3p (K&C Masterpiece + 1 hour of GBag Nation) – 4.3 (7th)

3p-7p (GBag Nation) – 4.8 (6th) with an additional .1 share from the web stream.

M-F 6a-7p – 4.0 (9th)




6a-10a (Payne & Pendergast) – 3.6 (11th)

10a-3p (In The Loop + 1 hour of The Drive with Stoener & The Show) – 2.7 (t-14th)

3p-7p (The Drive with Stoener & The Show) – 2.2 (19th)

M-F 6a-7p – 2.8 (16th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 2.5 (18th)


6a-10a (Sean Salisbury) – 1.2 (t-22)

10a-3p (In The Trenches and Matt Thomas) – 1.9 (19th)

3p-7p (The A Team + The Nightcap) – 2.0 (20th)

M-F 6a-7p – 1.7 (20th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 1.6 (t-20th)

ESPN 97.5

6a-10a (60 minutes of ESPN Radio + The Bench) – 0.9 (25th)

10a-3p – (Paul Gallant and The Killer B’s) – 0.5 (24th)

3p-7p (The Wheelhouse) – 0.6 (t-26th)

M-F 6a-7p – 0.6 (t-25th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 0.6 (t-26th)



106.7 THE FAN

6a-10a (The Sports Junkies) – 6.8 (4th)

10a-3p (BMitch & Finlay and 1 hour of Grant & Danny) – 10.0 (1st)

3p-7p (Grant and Danny til 6:30 + 30 minutes of content that follows PMDR) – 6.8 (4th) 

M-F 6a-7p – 7.8 (3rd)

M-Sun 6a-Mid – 6.1 (5th)

*Information for The Team 980 and ESPN 630 The Sports Capital were not available




6a-10a (John & Hugh + 1 hour of The Steakhouse) – 6.0 (4.8 on air + 1.2 from stream)

10a-3p (1 hour of The Steakhouse, Andy & Randy + 1 hour of Dukes & Bell) – 6.4 (5.7 on air + 0.7 from stream)

3p-7p (Dukes & Bell) – 5.4 (5.1 on air + 0.3 from stream)

M-F 6a-7p – 5.8 (5.3 on air + 0.5 from stream)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 5.2 (4.5 on air + 0.7 from stream)


6 – 10 AM (The Locker Room) – 4.2

10 – 11 AM (Buck Belue) – 2.5

11AM – 2 PM (Celini & Domino) – 4.7

2 – 6 PM (Chuck & Chernoff) – 5.2

M-Su 6a-Mid – 4.4 



94 WIP

6 – 10 AM (Angelo Cataldi) – 15.5 (8.1 on air + 7.4 from stream)

10a-2p (DeCamara & Ritchie) – 12.3 (9.3 on air + 3.0 from stream)

2p-6p (Marks & Reese) – 16.9 (14.3 on air + 2.3 from stream)

M-F 6a-7p -15.2 (10.8 on air + 4.4 from stream)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 15.6 (11.8 on air + 3.8 from stream)


6a-10a (John Kincade) – 3.2 (8th)

10a-2p (Anthony Gargano) – 4.4 (t-5th)

2p-6p (The Best Show Ever) – 3.3 (t-8th)

M-F 6a-7p – 3.4 (T – 8th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 3.0 (9th)




6a-10a (Toucher & Rich) – 23.4 (1st)

10a-2p (Zolak & Bertrand) – 18.9 (1st)

2p-6p (Felger & Mazz) – 20.9 (1st)

M-F 6A-7P – 19.6 (1st)


6a-10a (Greg Hill Show) – 10.9 (2nd)

10a-2p (Gresh & Keefe) – 10.9 (2nd)

2p-6p (Merloni, Fauria & Mego) – 9.1 (2nd)

M-F 6a-7p – 9.0 (2nd)

The Midday and afternoon shows have been changed at WEEI as of January 2023




6a-10a (Brock & Salk) – 6.6 (5th)

10a-2p (Bump & Stacy) – 6.0 (4th)

2p-6p (Wyman & Bob) – 7.8 (4th)

M-F 6a-7p – 6.8 (4th)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 8.1 (2nd)

*No information on KJR was available.




6a-10a (Stoney & Jansen) – 11.3 (2nd)

10a-2p (Karsch & Anderson) – 10.3 (2nd)

2p-6p (The Valenti Show with Rico) – 8.9 (1st)

M-F 6a-7p – 11.2 (2nd)

M-Su 6a-Mid – 10.9 (2nd)



104.3 THE FAN

6a-9a (Schlereth & Evans) – 5.7 (6th)

9a-11a (The Players Club) – 4.0 (11th)

11a-2p (Stokley & Zach) – 4.3 (8th)

2p-6p (The Drive) – 4.9 (5th)

M-F 6a-7p – 4.8 (8th)


7a-10a (Moser, Lombardi & Kane) – 3.9 (t-10th)

10a-12p (Dempsey & Company) – 2.7 (17th)

12p-3p (Hastings, Dover & Polumbus) – 2.8 (t-16th)

3p-6p (Kreckman & Lindahl) – 4.0 (11th)

M-F 6a-6p – 3.2 (t-13th)




Shares were not available. The station made a major lineup change in the middle of the book that saw Pat & Aaron move from middays to mornings and Ronnie & TKras go from mornings to afternoons. A brand new show, Jay & Z, debuted in middays. The morning show slot from 6a-9a was 6th this book. Afternoons recorded a 7th place finish from 3p-6p.


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Giannotti eventually admitted to yelling at his friend, and jokingly shouted “Not the time, Louise!” after his mother-in-law commented about how good the Giants had gotten during a Saquon Barkley touchdown run.

The rant didn’t go unnoticed by Rosenberg, however, and he replied to Giannotti’s video clip of the segment by saying “Fake Don Lagrecca (sic) much? This is called gimmick infringement”.

The comment from Rosenberg comes after Giannotti was critical of he and La Greca last week. Giannotti claimed the pair were “bootlicking” Michael Kay after walking back comments he made about getting a producer at the station fired by calling them “performance art”.

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Rosenberg responded to the disapproval from Giannotti last week by tweeting “My favorite part of the trash talk from the guy on the fan is ‘pick on someone your own size Michael Kay… pick on me’…LOL who are you?!!!!”

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Jim Rome picked up on that listening to Allen’s call of Kirk Cousins finding T.J. Hockenson short of the line to gain, ending Minnesota’s season.

Rome said he hurt for Allen, who like many followers of the Vikings were shocked to see the second seed in the NFC playoffs bounced the first weekend.

“On the one hand sad P.A. is the saddest thing ever. I hate that so much,” Rome said Monday. “But he turns into pissed P.A. too. I mean that is a brutal way to lose. And what’s sadder than sad P.A.?”

Allen went viral halfway through the 2022-23 season, with his calls of a wild game against the Buffalo Bills on November 13. Allen went through a complete roller coaster of emotions as Buffalo fought to win 33-30 in overtime.

Rome added that he thought disappointing Allen was the worst of all for the NFC North champs.

“Never mind letting yourselves down, never mind letting your employer down, never mind letting your fans down, you let the great P.A. down,” he said.

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